Singer Shazia Khushk Announced Her Exit From Music Because Of Religious Obligations!


Shazia Khushk Exit Music

Singer Shazia Khushk Announced Her Exit From Music Because Of Religious Obligations!


Among the changing trends of the world, there still are people who find peace in folk music and spend their leisure time grooving along with the light notes of their favorite singer. Carrying a separate heritage, the folk music culture of Pakistan has provided the country with immensely talented singers who for better know how to keep the audience on its toes. Among other famous names of the country’s music fraternity, a well-recognized name Shazia Khushk recently made her admirers sad by quitting the music line to completely indulge in her religion.

Shazia Khushk leaves the music industry and fans are in full support!

Whenever it comes to the legendary singer Shazia Khushk, it is impossible not to reminisce about her evergreen piece “Dana Pe Dana”. Be it any marriage, concert or any festivity, to date Pakistanis are seen dancing and enjoying on “Dana Pe Dana” creating a beautiful ambiance. Well, now it seems like the era of folk songs has come to an end as the globally acclaimed Pakistani artist Shazia Khushk has parted her ways from the music industry to spend her life on the principles of Islam and her fans are immensely supporting her new agenda.

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Since the news became public, it has become the trending topic for the internet!

Upon being asked the reason behind her leaving the music industry, Shazia Khsuhk said, “I’ve been getting many international offers but she refused because of religious obligations. I’m grateful to my fans for loving my songs and hope that they will strongly support me in my new move. I really took my time to think about what I wanted to do at this stage in my life, I’m certain that I won’t want to join this field (music industry) again.”

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The talented singer Shazia Khushk has been associated with the Pakistani entertainment industry from the last 25 years providing the masses with extremely beautiful music. Not only in Urdu but the singer has complete command over various other languages including, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Brelvi, Kashmiri, Gujrati and Saraiki. All these years after being connected with the cultural side of music, the “Dana Pe Dana” singer has now decided to give her services to Islam and deeply understand it.

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