“It Happened with Me, Too” – Street Harassment in Rawalpindi Still Rampant


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It is an unfortunate reality that most women have experienced street harassment at least once in their lives. And many women encounter street harassment on a regular basis.Whether you are unsure of what street harassment entails, you want to find out how to combat it safely or you wish to take action against street harassment on your campus, this article can help.

 I want to share an incident of a street harassment that I myself have experienced.

I’m a doctor and a wife of an armed personnel. I was at McDonald’s, Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi last Friday to meet a friend of mine.  My husband had dropped me there. And, after about an hour, he came to pick me up and requested me to come to the main gate of Jinnah park, as he had to rush for Jummah prayers and he was getting late.While I was heading towards the main gate, I noticed a car following me. At first, I ignored him because I knew he is just another ‘cheapster’.

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Within no time he asked me from opposite side of the road, “CHALAIN GI ?” I ignored him and nodded my head saying  NO”! I thought it is useless to create a scene. But he asked again “Q???” With a cheap smile on his face with a bald head. This time it was hard for me to ignore him  and I immediately replied at the top of my lungs from the opposite lane, “Meray shohar fauji hain n bahir he kharay hain, aisay jagan pay mar k phankain hay k wapis b nai a sako gay!”

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As I had my phone in my hand, I started taking pictures of his car. He realized that seriousness of the moment and disappeared from the scene in no time.

Guys, the only purpose of sharing this incident is to empower women that nobody has the right to disrespect us. SPEAK UP. SPEAK OUT. TAKE AN ACTION!

WOMEN DO NOT WALK DOWN THE STREET TO ENTERTAIN MEN. We refuse to back down to bullshit and if you are going to start, then you better get ready to rumble.

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