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Soha Naveed3 days

This Guy Harassing a Girl and her Friends by Using her Images is Something That Needs to End

Harassment isn’t a joke and should never be taken as one, especially when it comes to cyberbullying. Most of the ...

Ariba1 week

”The driver was being extra nice and flirty. I felt so uncomfortable.” – Girl Tells how She was Harassed in a Private Cab

Just recently, another case of harassment surfaced the internet where a girl shared her deplorable experience when she traveled in ...

Soha Naveed2 weeks

This Girl was Harassed At Bahria Town’s New Year’s Eve And It is Just Appalling!

No, don’t even start by saying, “she shouldn’t have gone to such a public place in the first place.” Just ...

Soha Naveed2 weeks

This Girl Projected How It Is Actually Like to be a Woman in Pakistan and It Seems Pretty Accurate!

When you come across stories regarding a woman who experienced some sort of harassment on the street, you will see ...

Anonymous3 weeks

“Appi there is a guy with his friends who is continuously following us” – We Decided To Do What Pakistani Girls Usually Don’t

Sexual harassment is an ever-increasing problem in Pakistan and countering it is not easy, especially if you are a female ...

Umema Kanwel4 weeks

“I Tried Selling a Pair of Black Heels Online, But The Buyer Kept Talking About My Feet. Soon, Things Got Out Of Hands’

According to Wikipedia harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. There are several types of harassments ...

Ariba1 month

Sanam Baloch Portrays a very innovative way of how People can protect their Children from Sexual Predators

There are times when parents fail to teach their children what is right and wrong when they’re growing up. It’s ...

Muhammad Qasim Kayani2 months

Harassment in Pakistan – Why is a Girl Always Blamed?

Pakistan is a beautiful country and I am proud of my country. As a citizen of Pakistan, I have the ...

Engr. Amir Muqtada Qureshi2 months

Sharmeen Obaid Controversy – Voice for Women or Bid for Publicity?

The incident of a doctor that sent a Facebook friend request to Academy winning journalist and activist Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s ...

sarmadali2 months

A Guy Lands a Rape Threat in this Girl’s Inbox after She Exposed him and his Friends

Patriarchal norms have stained our society in a number of ways. Women are the apparent victim of the continual oppression ...

Ayesha3 months

“Here’s what I Think about Sharmeen Obaid, the Doctor and Harassment”

When a female patient goes to a doctor for emergency treatment and only a male doctor is available, this creates ...

Anonymous3 months

Beware! A Guy Is on the Loose In Islamabad and He Is Harassing Women in Broad Daylight

In the city of Islamabad, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, there is a guy in his 30s ...

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