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Syra Shehroz Fires Up The Dance Floor With Sister Palwasha!


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Actress Syra Shehroz was seen in a video dancing at a wedding along with her sister Palwasha Yousuf. The video appears to be garnering plenty of views on Instagram where it was uploaded. 

Users have been complimenting Syra’s dancing skills and her elegance. The video begins with the sister’s starting off with light and easy steps. Then, the steps turn into a full-fledged choreography. The sisters seem to be in sync while enjoying their time at the dance floor. 

Here is the video uploaded by designer Tena Durrani. The girls are adorned in the designer’s well-embodied dresses, and seem to be having the time of their lives. The video shows them in beautiful, red traditional dresses, effortlessly completing each step. 

Check out the video!

Currently, the post has more than 70k views which will most likely going to grow by the minute. Users have been tagging their loved ones to plan out their next wedding dance. Some complimented the dresses and the moves while others disagreed. All in all, it appears that the post is garnering a considerable amount of views. And it has gotten viral in a short period of time. The designer also decided to update a full-body picture to show the dress to its fullest.


Here Syra can be seen sporting a beautiful low ponytail, wearing a gorgeous set of jewelry, and rocking a dazzling red dress. Her chic smile and graceful pose ensured to complete the look. 


They also updated a picture of Palwasha, showing her gorgeous dress decorated with brilliant embroidery. The red and golden combination seems to flatter her simple yet elegant hairstyle. Both of the sisters looked just as stunning and made certain of having a blast at the wedding. 

Syra has also been in the spotlight after she announced her separation from her husband Shehroz Sabzwari. The news was shocking considering the couple was together for more than seven years. It also came as a surprise because there didn’t seem to be any visible complications between the two. However, the separation followed because Shehroz was suspected to have cheated on Syra with model Sadaf Kanwal.

The issue made headlines where plenty took Syra’s side and supported her decision to separate from a man who betrayed her trust. However, Shehroz took to Instagram to justify his side of the story and explained he didn’t cheat. He admitted that the couple had separated but he wasn’t involved in adultery. He dismissed most of the allegations as well as a potential relationship with Sadaf. 

Though, Syra hasn’t updated regarding her situation and has chosen to maintain her silence.

What do you think of the situation? Do you believe Syra Shehroz and her sister truly burned the dance floor with their graceful yet fiery choreography? Share your thoughts below!

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