Shahroz Sabzwari Confirms Separation of Six Months With Syra!

Shahroz Sabzwari Finally Confirms Separation of Six Months With Syra!


Yesterday, the rumor of Pakistan’s favorite long-term married couple Syra and Shahroze Sabzwari splitting caused a panic, nation-wide. The melodrama quickly reached its climax when the model turned actress Sadaf Kanwal was added into the story as the cause behind their separation.

Soon after the speculation of Shahroz cheating on Syra with Sadaf leading to divorce blew out of proportions, Shahroz came forward with clarification.

Shahroz and Sadaf
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“We haven’t gotten divorced, we have just been separated for the last six months,” 

Shahroz spoke to a famous Pakistani publication clearing the plethora of speculations surrounding their split. Syra and Shahroz have been the ultimate picture of a happily married couple for the Pakistanis. Now, after the heartbreaking news, fans have been left distraught as many declared losing hope in love and marriage.

Shahroz on cheating assumptions.

Shahroz also addressed the cheating rumors that are floating around and expressed his disappointment. Speaking on Sadaf Kanwal, he stated that, “They’ve dragged Sadaf Kanwal into it and I’ve only known her for a month and that too, just as a friend. Syra left the house 6 months ago, it was her decision. That said, there’s been no khula or divorce; we’re just separated at the moment.

Shahroz and Syra
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Shahroz releases a video message addressing the scandal.

Clearly, they are going through a tough time in their marriage. Unfortunately, the fans that have adored Syra since her VJ days quickly jumped the guns in her support and started bashing Shahroz and Sadaf. Moreover, this public mockery of their personal matters must have added more stress to the situation.

Shahroz’s father who is a legendary veteran actor and well respected in the Pakistan showbiz industry, Behroze Sabzwari also came forward. His statements conveyed emotions of utter disappointment towards the people at large – who created a drama on the account of his family’s personal issues.

Behroz Sabzwari upset and calls out social media for being unethical.

Stating that a private matter strictly between Syra and Shahroz has been made public without the family’s consent. On top of it all, rumors are being circulated without any confirmation. In his words, he said, “It is an extremely private matter, how can people say so many things without verification and make things even worse for the people involved? How is it ethical to talk about someone’s divorce when it hasn’t happened? How is a couple’s private conflict even someone else’s problem?”

shahroz cheating on syra
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As for Sadaf Kanwal being behind the breakup, he too, like Shahroz, rubbished the speculations of Sadaf’s involvement. Unfortunately, the model’s facing character assassination on all micro-blogging websites; being declared as a home-wrecker and more.

sadaf kanwal shehroz sabzwari
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Hopefully, this will definitely settle the upheaval caused by the Pakistanis. Moreover, Behroz reassured that it is a conflict that every couple faces and hopefully, will be resolved in its own time. In the meantime, it is our duty as Pakistanis to respect the privacy and the matter at hand; leaving it to the people who are dealing with and ‘un-sticking’ our noses out of their business.

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