“Is this what I want?” – Questions That Pop Up In Your Mind While Walking Down The Aisle


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At last the big day finally arrives. The sun shining, the wedding bells chiming, the choir singing, the priest reciting, the people smiling and the groom worrying.

Everything finally seems perfect, the lights, the flowers, the aisle, the altar, the cake, the wine, the bridesmaids, the best men and life itself.
The groom, looking sharp in his tuxedo with the perfect bow tie stands firmly, he smiles ceremoniously but deep inside he’s nervous, he starts thinking, ‘am I making a mistake? Is marriage really for me? Am I ready for this kind of commitment??’

Source: Giphy

A thousand questions raised in his mind that need to be answered. The doors open, the lights fade, the music pauses, the crowd stops fidgeting. A spotlight is focused on the door. She enters.

The spotlight follows as she slowly makes her way towards the altar, her dress shone like a pearl first discovered in its oyster, the glass shoes sparkled with every step, she’s shy, doesn’t have the courage to lift her eyes up and look at him, graceful and humble, her lethal combination. The bouquet she held, so beautiful, was hand-picked by mother nature.

Source: Giphy

The guests smile as she passes them by, the mother’s teary-eyed and the fathers proud. He gazes in amazement at the angel in the moonlight coming to resurrect his soul. His heart skips a beat with every step. Time surely had frozen.

She’s almost there, he holds her hand as she climbs the steps. He’s antsy and restless too. The questions start flooding in again, he has nowhere to go, it’s too late. He’s looking at her. He asks himself one last time:

‘Is this what I want?’

She finally looks at him with those hazel brown eyes and the angelic smile that made everything alright. ‘I do.’

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