The Olympics Committee Suspends India as the Hosts for Denying Visas to Pakistanis Aur Bohat Hi Sharam Ki Baat Hai!


What normally happens in the current India Vs. Pakistan scenario is that the majority Indian public figures come on social media and play their role by speaking against Pakistan.

In the recent case, Indian sporting stars (mostly the retired ones) were seen actively tweeting against Pakistan and started the notion of banning the greens from playing various sports. You know how far the Indians went? They denied visa to two Pakistani shooters for the upcoming Olympics.

Two participants in shooting games were denied entry visa in India because of the current political fiasco taking place between India and Pakistan. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) is now punishing India by not allowing all countries to equally participate.

The IOC has also made it pretty clear that there will be no discussion regarding India hosting any Olympics events in the future unless or until there officially or formally hear from the Indian government that no such acts of terrorism will take place:

“This situation goes against the fundamental principles of the Olympic charter, in particular the principles of non-discrimination, as well as the IOC’s and the Olympic movement’s position, reiterated on many occasions over the past few years, that equal treatment must be guaranteed for all participating athletes and sporting delegations at international sports events, without any form of discrimination or political interference from the host country.”

Pakistanis Are Having Quite a Laugh On this Given How Boldly India Denied Visas

Because They Are Clearly Afraid…

India Is Aiming to Ban Pakistan from Other Sporting Events, Especially Cricket

This Letter from BCCI to ICC Is Circulated On Social Media As Well

Well, the heat between the two nations is getting pretty fierce. What’s important in this situation is the leaders of the respective nation stand up and mediate the situation.

While social media fanatics demand war while sitting in their homes and tapping on their keyboards, we all know that it is bigger than this. Let’s be a little sensitive to this situation.

On the other hand, it seems India will face nothing but humiliation for demanding ban on Pakistan in different sporting events. Olympics is just one example.

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