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Soha Naveed2 days

A Pakistani Girl Visited India for 9 Days and her Adventure Is Worth Looking At!

When we see things on the news channel and on the social media, safe to say, the image depicted by ...

Mahnoor Aslam3 days

This Guy has a Cracking Response to All Those Who Consider “Periods” a Taboo

Recently, the internet was taken ablaze by the taboo that is attached to periods. People started talking about it as ...

Sheza Ashraf3 days

Sonam Kapoor Has A Powerful Message For All The Girls Who Want to Look Beautiful and Flawless!

Uttering the word “celebrity” means that we are referring to a group of people who are perfect in every way ...

Mahnoor Aslam2 weeks

These Gorgeous Pakistani Sabyasachi Brides are Taking Over the World!

Except for extreme summer, everytime in Pakistan is a wedding season. Since we have now non-stop wedding seasons where we ...

Mahnoor Aslam2 weeks

This Girl has a Befitting Message for PEMRA Board after Banning ‘PadMan’

In this list of things that come under misogyny are not very long. Living in a world where being a ...

Mahnoor Aslam2 weeks

This Woman Imaan Leading Namaz in Mosque Is Making Many Furious!

A Muslim woman Imaan in Karela who lead the Jumma prayers at a mosque for the first time ever is ...

Mahnoor Aslam3 weeks

This Girl Danced Barefoot in front of her Ex’s house in a Drunk State After Their Breakup

Heartbreaks can suck big time and it can leave a person in a miserable state. There have been numerous cases ...

Sheza Ashraf3 weeks

The International Brand ‘Zara’ has Introduced Our Very Own “Lungi” at a Ridiculous Price!

In case you are planning to throw all your old stuff considering that it’s old-fashioned and would look weird, then ...

Sheza Ashraf4 weeks

Saba Qamar’s Recent Photo Shoot made People Confuse her with Deepika Padukone

Acting is said to be an art that is known by many, but not everyone is capable of making people ...

Soha Naveed1 month

The Way Malala Yousafzai is Promoting Indian Film “Pad Man” Is Creating Much Uproar

Despite her countless efforts of doing well for Pakistan, UN Noble Prize winner Malala Yousafzai often gets bashed on the ...

Ariba4 months

This Text Book Shockingly Validates the Idea that Dowry Helps Ugly Girls get Married

Dowry or you can say ‘jahez’ is still prevalent in our society to a great extent. A dowry may include furniture, ...

Soha Naveed5 months

Indian Actress Zareen Khan Reveals She’s a Huge Fan of Shahid Afridi and was Awestruck to See Him!

Yesterday was a big day for the cricket industry  – the launch of the newest T10 format took place in ...

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