The Unusual Couple of a Sailor and the Ship!


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He realized there was something wrong, she kept going a different route even though he had a firm hold on the wheel. He kept trying to bring her on the course the map suggested, that would lead them both to an island with unlimited riches awaiting their arrival. She’d always listen to his orders but today she had other plans.

Her mind was destined to travel until she was lost in the sunset over the horizon. He was worried, on one hand, there was the lost treasure and on the other, his companion. He ran all over the deck looking for the problem that forced her to reroute.


She seemed perfect on the outside, the sails, the ropes, all in order. ‘Maybe there’s a problem inside?’ He thought to himself and hurried down to the engine. Hastily he looked all over with his left eye. There it was, a small crack that was letting water in. So the problem is with you, sighed the eye-patched captain. This minor crack inside slowly but surely would sink her. Outside bruises could be healed but if you’re scarred from the inside, nobody can fix you.

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He gazed at his ship hopelessly. Secretly wishing for a miracle. The hidden treasure and the fact that it’s lying there all alone kept bothering him, but what bothered him the most was her gradual demise.

‘We’ve had a lot of adventures together, numerous treasure hunts and battles. You’ve been with me through it all like a faithful wife. It’s my turn to return the favor.’

He rolled the map,  shoved it in an empty rum bottle and threw it as far as his strength allowed. The lovers sailed past the horizon enduring death as their final adventure

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