These 5 Jinn Exorcisms Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine And They Are Actually Real!


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These 5 Jinn Exorcisms Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine And They Are Actually Real!


Almighty Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has provided us with the guidance of all the worldly and unworldly matters in the most perfect way. The Holy Quran and hadiths have numerous rules with which we can lead a happy life, not only that, there are many prohibitions quoted in the Holy transcripts as well to save us from the evil creatures of this world.

There is no doubt that evil eye, black magic, and jinns are a real thing and Almighty Allah has already told us the way to cure or protect us from these things. This practice of removing or curing a person of Satan, jinn or evil eye exists in almost all the religions and traditions. This practice is known as exorcism in which a spiritual guide let a person free form the evil eye or jinn.

Exorcism In Islam

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In Islam, the correct way to perform the exorcism is through ‘Ruqyah’ which includes specific verses of the Holy Quran and all lawful incantations that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself told us in Hadith or performed in his lifetime.

Here Is How Holy Prophet (PBUH) Performed Exorcism – Ruqyah

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It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said: The Prophet (PBUH) came to visit me (when I was sick), and said to me: ‘Shall I not recite for you a Ruqyah that Jibra’il brought to me? I said: ‘May my father and mother be ransomed for you! Yes, O Messenger of Allah!’ He said: Bismillah arqika, wallahu yashfika, min kulli da’in fika, min sharrin- naffathati fil-‘uqad, wa min sharri hasidin idha hasad (In the Name of Allah I perform Ruqyah for you, from every disease that is in you, and from the evil of those who (practice witchcraft when they) blow in the knots, and from the evil of the envier when he envies), three times – Sunan Ibne Majah, Vol. 4, Book 31, Hadith 3524

There Are Numerous Videos Found On YouTube In Which Live Sessions Of Exorcism Have Been Shown!

Usually, the reason for recording all the exorcism session is to get the complete information as it helps the spiritual leaders in the future. They also believe that the evil spirits, sometimes, erase the observation from their memory and that’s why they film the session. After being cured, people also shared their experience to help others.

1. *Warning* This video features disturbing content! 

2. Spine-chilling!

3. Goosebumps yet?

4. Certainly not for the weak hearts!

5. Lord, have mercy!

It is true that magic and magicians exist but Almighty Allah is the one who is the Supreme Being and have the power on all these evildoers. Everything happens in this world is because of His will. It is said in the Quran that,

And [yet] they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah. And the people learn what harms them and does not benefit them – Surah Baqarah, verse 102

May Allah protect us from all the evil spirits, Ameen!

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