These Curvy Pakistani Bloggers are Breaking the Internet!


What is plus size?

According to UK retailers, anything above size 14, is plus-size. Some US retailers claim anything size 12 or above is plus size. There isn’t a definite definition of what actually is a plus size except that of which the fashion industry wants you to think about. But Pakistani women have had enough! Why is fashion only for the thin and sleek we say?

It’s time that the Pakistani fashion industry is inclusive of all sizes. One size does not fit all and these Pakistanis are here to tell you that. We have gathered some mind-blowing Instagram profiles to give you all the right plus size inspirations!

“I started blogging about two years ago when I realized that our country’s fashion is only for the slim,” said blogger Haddiya Javed, “I know much more than my body then they do”.

“Being plus size looks better than many skinny girls,” said Iman Ali Munshi while talking to Parhlo Pink, “A lot of my friends used to appreciate the way I dressed I always thought they were being nice till people I don’t know started commenting this. That’s when I accepted the fact that my body is the way it is and that doesn’t have to stop me. I started blogging.”

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“It doesn’t matter if you’re a plus size or not as long as you can carry yourself. Just take care of your health that’s all that matters. People will always have a problem. They will say stuff to fat people and skinny people. No one is perfect for them. Learn to ignore,” said the brilliant teenager.

“When I started posting my outfit details, I got a massive response. My first fashion blog was reposted by NewLook Middle East and that was the point when I started taking this seriously,” said Gul E Zahra aka Fanny.

Her aim is to make trends and fashion more accessible and easy for plus size ladies through her fashion blog, “I never thought I am different, I love myself and according to me and my giant mirror in the bedroom, I am the most normal person on earth that’s how I see things in myself and others. In my world, different is beautiful.”

“Women approach me all the time, telling me how I’ve inspired them to get out of their shells,” said comedian Faiza Saleem while talking to Parhlo Pink, “When these women see me, they see hope. Nothing beats that. Having a low self-esteem is not an option for us. Why should we not be bold and confident? Why should we not speak our minds? Why should we hide away from the world?”

“People have always been very supportive of my blogging, every time I talk about issues related to plus size women people ask me for self-esteem advice. I think they like seeing someone who isn’t perfect, a model who doesn’t have the model figure and is a real person just like them. People can really connect with me,” said journalist Arfa Siddiqui while talking to Parhlo Pink, “The current culture isn’t very accepting but secretly I think they want to see that change that has a layman fashion mentality.”

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