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Namrah MatloobMay 23, 2018

An Open Letter To All The People Who Are Worried That I Am A Woman Without A Brother

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is those glances which used to pierce through my mother’s ‘No’ ...

Rehmeen Fatima RasoolMay 18, 2018

An Open To Letter To All Those Women Who Have Been Victims Of Harassment

83% women face some kind of sexual harassment, whether it would be physical, abusive or cyber. And to fall into ...

Noor FatimaMay 14, 2018

“My 5-Year-Old Niece Says Dark Skin Is Not Beautiful But I Think That’s A Problem” – Here’s A Message For All

“Fama Phuppo, will you please dress up this Barbie with me?” My adorable five-year-old niece asked with wide-eyed eagerness one ...

Girls in MetropolisMay 11, 2018

Here’s Why Every Ordinary Woman Out There Is Extraordinary!

I’m sure those of you who are reading this article have women in their surroundings. They are everywhere from cleaning ...

Ramsha AkmalMay 9, 2018

Being A Woman: Is It A Blessing Or A Curse?

Having to be a female, nature has always been very unfair towards women. Having been blessed in many aspects women ...

Farjad ZafarMay 9, 2018

Here’s Why Men Engage In Domestic Violence and Effective Ways To Stop Them

Aggressive behavior at home is one the expanding social issue inside Pakistan. In fact, women in Pakistan are consistently in ...

Muhammad Haseeb AlamMay 9, 2018

Pakistan in the Age of #MeToo: The Accusations, Victim Blaming and the Society

Amid the growing global feminist movement of reporting and retaliating against sexual harassment will Pakistan react in time? A few ...

Hira AftabMay 8, 2018

Time – Here’s Why It Is Know As The Agonizing Healer

Among the numerous complications in this world, one of them is ‘Time’. For a student who gets an extra 5-minutes ...

MaimoonaMay 7, 2018

Here’s How Frustration Is Affecting The Lives Of Many

Frustrated. That’s what most of us living on this planet is. Some more, some less. But none are safe from ...

Masood MalickMay 2, 2018

“If a Girl is Smiling at a Public Place, She is totally Characterless” – When will Our Society change the way it thinks?

When I was a kid, I was afraid of devils and today, I am afraid of the humans of our ...

Mahnoor TahirApril 30, 2018

Here’s Why It Is About Time We Change The Norms Of Our Society Like Before

So, Facebook is asking me what’s on my mind? Well, quite a lot! I see the changed society that I ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 27, 2018

Saman Saeed Raises a Very Valid Point about Harassment Which We Must Not Ignore

Sanam Saeed is that one actress in the Pakistani industry is doesn’t only look decent but is actually more decent ...

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