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Soha NaveedJuly 21, 2018

This Post By Mufti Menk On Single Mothers Is An Eye-Opener For Our Society

Motherhood itself is never an easy task. From the delicate steps a mother needs to implement when the child is ...

FarwaJuly 20, 2018

PIA’s Youngest Female Aircraft Technician Is Making All The Pakistanis Proud Out There!

In Pakistan, women empowerment is the supreme issue of our political leaders, religious scholars, and reformers of this society. Unfortunately, ...

Sultana HaiderJuly 13, 2018

Dear Women, Choose A Better Medium For Venting Rather Than Facebook Groups

Since childhood, I have had lots of old elderly people around me. I grew up watching them closely and my ...

Ghazala AbbasJuly 4, 2018

This Movie Perfectly Depicts How Difficult It Is For A Pakistani Woman To Live Her Life As She Wants!

As the title states: “What Will People Say” a widely used phrase by almost every elderly relative of ours whenever ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 3, 2018

This Makeup Artist Just Gave A Badass Response To All The ‘Aunties’ Who Blatantly Body Shamed Her!

It is usually of an utter surprise when we witness people who are full of positivity and love even being buried ...

Anam AbbasJune 6, 2018

This Girl Just Gave A Reality Check For All The “Bewaqoofs” Out There And It Is Spot On!

If the title boggled your mind, then this blog is meant for you, hence proves the title’s subject. Haha, JK. ...

Zahra TahaJune 4, 2018

14 Things You Need To Know About A Stay-At-Home Mom!

Amongst many things, I’m predominantly a housewife, a homemaker, a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), whatever it is you call it. Why ...

AribaJune 4, 2018

This Guy Shares How His Mother’s Trying To Remarry After 13 Years But Her Family’s Against It

In a marriage, divorce is one alarming situation indeed but it is something which cannot be ignored and shouldn’t be ridiculed. ...

Namrah MatloobMay 23, 2018

An Open Letter To All The People Who Are Worried That I Am A Woman Without A Brother

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is those glances which used to pierce through my mother’s ‘No’ ...

Rehmeen Fatima RasoolMay 18, 2018

An Open To Letter To All Those Women Who Have Been Victims Of Harassment

83% women face some kind of sexual harassment, whether it would be physical, abusive or cyber. And to fall into ...

Noor FatimaMay 14, 2018

“My 5-Year-Old Niece Says Dark Skin Is Not Beautiful But I Think That’s A Problem” – Here’s A Message For All

“Fama Phuppo, will you please dress up this Barbie with me?” My adorable five-year-old niece asked with wide-eyed eagerness one ...

Girls in MetropolisMay 11, 2018

Here’s Why Every Ordinary Woman Out There Is Extraordinary!

I’m sure those of you who are reading this article have women in their surroundings. They are everywhere from cleaning ...

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