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Shahroze Ali Khan6 days

‘Mein Bezubaan Nahi’ – Kaarvan, The Ray of Hope

Knowing exactly when to move on is a task not many people can master… But without any doubt, this determines ...

Annam Lodhi6 days

“This was not a wedding party, it was a death sentence” -Story of a Child Bride

On the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child in October 2017, Pakistan’s Senate rejected a bill that would ...

Fatima Naz1 week

Does life really Change After Marriage or it’s just something Society tells us about?

You get too used to of your single life and then suddenly the ”I” becomes ”We”. Now you have to ...

Ariba1 week

Listen Up, Ladies! Here are the Things you Don’t need to Give a F*ck About

Hey, you! Yes, I’m talking to you. How many times have you cried over things that aren’t in your control? You’ve ...

Shahroze Ali Khan1 week

These Women are expressing their Dark Sides through Colors – Here’s how…

It is an undeniable fact that the potential of being creative doesn’t rely on a specific gene, gender, or color ...

moazma.arif2 weeks

Here’s why you can’t Judge someone by what they wear

Actual beauty is not what you wear, it’s actually who you are. “Gosh, how shallow are we if this is ...

Fatima Naz2 weeks

10 ‘Tanziya’ Comebacks to Leave People Speechless and Puzzled!

You’re gonna need this. Big time. So, you are going about your life with either your wall down and relaxed, ...

ayesha.shamsi2 weeks

Here’s why People in Pakistan Stay in Loveless Marriages

You’ve seen one, heard of one or been in one: A Loveless marriage. A true fact is many people see ...

moazma.arif3 weeks

It’s Time to Bust the Stereotype of Judging Air Hostesses in Our Society

Interesting question! Why don’t we begin by defining the word ‘Character’? Someone who dresses up in a way the world ...

Asia Iqbal3 weeks

Muniba Mazari Is Still The Iron Lady of Pakistan

Muniba Mazari, the Iron lady of Pakistan. Who doesn’t know her? She is not only well known in Pakistan but ...

Tanzila Khan3 weeks

“Muniba Mazari and I are Not Friends…” – Tanzila Khan

And we don’t have to be able to stand up or represent a cause together. Just like not all Asian ...

Fatima Naz4 weeks

The Secret of Breathing – Forget what Society has to Say!

How long have you gone without judging someone or yet the better question is, how many times a day do ...

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