Things Couples in a Long-term Engagement are Tired of Hearing


Couples in Pakistan are increasingly opting for long-term engagements. Whatever be the reason behind it, they always have a hard time getting to their marriage day because of course ‘Log bht kuch kehtae hai’. Outlined below are some of the things couples in a long-term engagement usually always hear.

1. Itni lambiii engagement?

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Well, it’s shorter than your nosy habit. But if you really want to know, getting married shouldn’t be counted in years rather how and when it is convenient for the families.

2. Will you be able to stay apart for such a long time?

I was born and raised without my better half, a couple of more years won’t hurt.

3. Why don’t you just get married, what are you waiting for?

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We are not waiting for anything or maybe we are but we are living the way we like and doing things at our own pace.

4. Your career can be escalated after marriage. Don’t worry.

Thank you, I didn’t know that you are an expert at how to handle my own career.

5. How lavish is your wedding going to be that you have to save for it for so many years?


If you are a desi, you should know we save for a wedding from the day a girl is born. But! When someone says they are saving up for their wedding doesn’t mean that it is going to be an extravagant affair, rather they want to save up to jump-start the next phase of their life.

6. They waited so long and THIS is the wedding they are having?

We waited to get married to each other, not to the 1000 guests invited. The money saved is for us not for the guests, so baji, please.

7. Are you both okay? Is there a medical issue? Check kerwalo Bhai sab pehle se?


Yes, we are not okay. We were before we started talking to you, now I need a psychologist

8. Are you in-laws being an ass?

Not really, you are.

9. Umer nikal rai hai.. Will you get married when you are old?


What has age got to do with anything? Do you want us to be happy or young, like what?

10. Shadi se pehle itna mat mila kero, charm khatam hojaye ga

Baji Please, we got engaged to get to know each other, if we wanted to jump into the ditch blindfolded we would have nikkahfied the day we met.

11. Dehko uskay tou bachae b hogay, tumhari umer ki he hai


Good for them, marriage is not a competition. It is a life-long commitment you take the plunge only when you are ready.

12. He is earning well enough. Why are you waiting?

His earning doesn’t have to do anything with the wedding. God is anyone getting the point here? There is not really a reason for the delay, it is all about us being ready, which we aren’t!

So to all those couples struggling everyday GODSPEED! We will get there when we get there, chill and do what you do best!

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