Here Are 7 Things Pakistani Men Really Talk About With Their Friends Which The Women Don't Know!


Things Pakistani Men Talk About

Here Are 7 Things Pakistani Men Really Talk About With Their Friends Which The Women Don’t Know!


The undeniable ‘brother bond’ is surely the most underrated connection tieing up a group of close trustworthy buddies who literally share everything with each other. Keeping the brotherhood intact, some men carry a burden of refused thoughts that indulge in a stressful form and then ease down with the best mate. According to some researches, a man can live without a woman but he can’t live without his friends and this statement says it all.

What Pakistani men actually share with their friends!

As per the woman propaganda, the puzzle pieces of ‘what boys talk about when they meet’ have always stayed scattered and hidden. It’s a universal fact that everybody knows what women talk about on their meetings but a man with his friends is a man totally different. No one knows, where the story is revolving or what the agenda is, except the buddies who are involved in it. Well, leaping over to the well-hidden men story, here are some top things that Pakistani men talk about with their mates.

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1. The girlfriend aspect: This is the most confusing one of all. Talking about women, the hitched boys in the group doesn’t take part when the single clan is busy trying to get into a relationship. But no matter what happens, every group of boys is aware of the slogan ‘bros before hoes’ and if you talked about it then you gotta stick to it till the last.

2. Financial shortcomings: Well, this remains a constant issue with boys while roaming out with the group. Making future business plans together but the shortage of finance rams many great ideas. Keeping the high aimed thoughts within and not telling them to his woman but his friends are what makes the bond strong because your existence gets valued in that circle.

3. Future abandonments: This holds the important stance among a group of close inmates as it carries a heavy weight. Boys do discuss their future plannings and previous failures with each other so that a solution can be thought.

4. Cars/Motorcycles: Knowing the name of the car without seeing its name should be declared as the national game for Pakistan men. This is an inbuilt feature in the desi rhetoric that doesn’t need any explanation. Taking the motorcycles in effect, everybody knows that no one is actually gonna buy the bike that just got roasted in the group which has nothing to do with them but it is necessary.

5. Netflix and drill: As the advancing technology has taken over human lives it is important for men to talk unnecessarily about it. If a guy watched some TV series online and it turned out to be good then it’s his responsibility to bless other guys of the group with its name. Legend says that the boys still talk about the series but no one actually watches it.

6. Anything but politics: Described as the national topic to deteriorate the pleasant surroundings, Pakistani men are extremely fond of disagreeing with other political standings. At night, nearly every dhaba of the country is filled with men enjoying a sip of tea and discussing own political adherence.

7. Unseen feelings: For boys, it’s a hard task to share what they feel openly with the opposite gender but if that particular male friend is with you, then the cry session can also be started. It very rare to see a guy opening up in front of his friends but having those friends like family, is just an easy way out of the stressful ambiance.

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Well, here’s what man share and endure with other men which many didn’t know.

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