This Pakistani Girl Just Questioned NatGeo For All The Right Reasons!


This Pakistani Girl Just Questioned NatGeo For All The Right Reasons!


There have been numerous times when Pakistani talent is undermined by many giants of the world. Well, let’s just say that not just Pakistan but overall the sub-continent and many other places too.

Many talented people in the sub-continent are underestimated and the raw talent never gets recognized. But people now know how to ask for it and to get their work to be noticed. This girl named Munaaza Anwar recently asked NatGeo to reconsider their policies and look into the matter. She was shocked to know that in the NatGeo photography contest, Pakistan wasn’t on the list of countries whose resident’s could participate. That’s when she took our concerns to Twitter.

This is how she quoted their tweet…

So a Western Photographer can win awards on images shot in my country, while Native Photographers like me can’t even participate in the same contest? How shameful. This policy is totally unacceptable. Either you NatGeo review terms & conditions or STOP USING IMAGES FROM MY COUNTRY.

She then asked what she wanted to. Why not? Why can’t Pakistan be a part!

Dear NatGeo, could you please explain why me (A Pakistani Photographer) can’t enter this contest?


There’s no harm in asking but this question entails an answer that most of the Pakistanis already know! Many countries with a bad political view in the global news are not really considered well in the fields of education, technology, and art. Not to forget that we have the smartest gamers, hackers and high altitude mountaineers and… so many others!

Do you guys know of any photojournalist who, too, deserves to be a part of 2018 NatGeo photography contest? Tag them away and let’s bring this to Pakistan because the people deserve it!

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