This Girl Shares The Tiniest Details That We Need To Take Care When One Is In A Relationship


This Girl Shares The Tiniest Details That We Need To Take Care When One Is In A Relationship


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The world spins around every moment. One day you are living your life to fullest and next day you might be dead. One day you are happy and in love and another day they will leave you in the middle of everything, confusing isn’t it? No, it’s not. It starts somewhat like this.

“I love you, I cannot do life without you.” turns in to “ I can’t stand you, give it some time” or “ I need you, I never needed anyone before” turns into “I don’t want you anymore” or “ Please, never leave me, never give up” turns in to “Go or else I will go”

In the middle of these sentences, somehow love gets faded or we ignore it, we start focusing on how it would be good when it would be over. How both lives would be in relief and there won’t be the pain. That’s where we are wrong. Here are the truth guys. In order to get a temporary relief we forget what are we losing, we don’t consider the fact that maybe we are causing someone a permanent pain.


How every night they would cry themselves to sleep only thinking where they went wrong, what caused them so much pain, why you do not care, what could have they did to make it work out, they would try to figure out the hidden meaning between these two completely different sentences.

Don’t do this to someone, don’t give them the world and snatch it back like it was never their right to keep it. Don’t be the reason for someone’s sadness. Don’t hurt someone so much that they would want to end their lives. Every person makes mistakes, do things which are against us.


Ask yourself a question today, do you fulfill all the expectations that you have with yourself? Do you stand by all your expectations? If no, then how can you expect anything from anyone when you can’t fulfill the ones that you have with your own self?

If people had started giving up over small things like this, maybe you wouldn’t have been alive in this world too. Accept where you are wrong and work on it. A sorry won’t hurt anybody. Be humble and let go of that pride. What if the next morning they are no more and you would regret that maybe you could have talked to them, one last hug, one last goodbye and things could have been different.

It always takes two, so try to fix it after breaking it apart. Try. Maybe the other person is tired or trying? “We can never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken” If you are looking for a sign, then maybe this is it?! Nobody deserves to cry over anyone, no one deserves to sleep feeling that it was not enough. If it’s because of you, I am sorry but no one in this world is more unfortunate than you are.

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