This Guy Wrote A Heartbreaking Letter To His Girlfriend Who Asked Him Never To Text Her Again!


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This is a letter to my ex with whom I broke up and stopped talking to. Here are a few last words I like to say to her which I couldn’t.

Dear Ex, I hope you’re doing better. It’s so weird how it all changed for us or was it for me only? Spending almost a decade with you was nothing but pleasure. I have to admit that you are one in a million. You are truly beautiful inside out. I know I did hideous things when we were together. Probably tortured your brains out and I’m so sorry about it all. I really am. I have to be honest, I laid my hands on you.

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Not once but 4-5 times. I regret it more every single time I think about it and if I could go back, I would. You were still wise enough to bear me. You kept me protected and let me still have my head high even though I had been pathetic at times. All the so-called possessiveness I had in me. My own insecurities. I never realized the harm I was doing to you. I know my apologies can’t be enough, I know there have been too many lines crossed. But I want you to know that I’m sorry from the deepest part of my heart.

I never realized the effects of my actions or how I could even do them. I’m really sorry for all my mistakes. I would do anything so that you can forgive me. You were the best part of me. You are the strongest woman on the planet and I swear, I respect you with all my heart and soul. I thank you for changing me. Thank you for teaching me all the good things.

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Thank you for making me a better person. I thrive to change for the better. I know it would take a miracle for us to get back or you to forgive and love me again but I’d do anything to get it back. Growing up together and literally, I mean growing up from 14, I gotta say I’ve lost all motivation in life cause that’s all I’ve imagined for us and now when we are not together, life doesn’t even matter for me. I wish I could assure you the man you always wanted. I’ve become that and you should give me another chance.

After all the crap I’ve pulled, I don’t think I will get that chance but I’ll always wait for you. Nevertheless, I wish you a very successful and happy life ahead. May all your dreams come true. Love you to the moon and back.

Yours only forever!

PS. I didn’t send you this text cause you asked me never to text you so I thought maybe sometime or the day you come across this.

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