This Pakistani Girl Tried 30 Days Of Yoga And Here’s What Happened To Her Body


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Being fit in today’s world is very essential. Not just for the outlook but for our own health, it is necessary. I started exercising about 6 months ago and to give a whole month to yoga was a mental challenge for me. I was doing mostly HIIT, kickboxing dance workout that would increase my heart rate and make fat melt fast.

Even after dedicating the whole 30 days to yoga I still managed to reap the following benefits.

1. Sound Sleep

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The first and foremost change in my life I noticed was my sleep got better. Even when I was awake late at night and the next day woke up late I still managed to sleep early at night. After waking up I felt fresh and energetic.

2. Improved Breathing


Since yoga is mostly based on inhalation and exhalation, my breathing pattern improved.

3. Good Posture

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It is guaranteed that after a week of yoga your posture will improve. You’ll walk taller, sit taller.

4. Tone Body

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After 15 days of doing continuous yoga, I saw the change in my shoulder muscle. With all the down dog and cat and cow poses and warrior poses my shoulders were defined and visible. Fat around the thigh starts to get toned by the end of 30 days.

5. Calm Mind

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Even at times when situations went out of control, I still managed to stay calm and peaceful. Nothing was making me furious or angry. If anything made me angry. I still had control over my emotions.

6. Strong Immune System

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With a slight change in the weather, it was obvious I’d get a viral infection of a cough and flu but thanks to yoga, I’m still healthy and happy.

Consistency is the key.. after the meaty Eid, I still managed to get 30 mins of yoga before dawats. Since I was practicing yoga for 30 days, I didn’t put on weight but instead, I got more toned. I’ve discovered a calmer and peaceful side in me. Yoga has not only helped for peace but also helped in accepting my circumstances as they are.

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