Ushna Shah Deactivated

Shame On All Of Us! Ushna Shah Deactivated Her Instagram After Being Brutally Trolled


Ushna Shah deactivated her Instagram account after the breakout of trolls by netizens on the most special day of her life.

Right after a few days after her wedding, reading various troll comments Ushna Shah decided to just take a break from social media and leave the space.

Source: Express Tribune

The actor was brutally and mercifully trolled by everyone. The moment she deactivated her Instagram account, many of the fans have come forward and lamented their support.

Few netizens have blamed society for making a bride apologize for decisions she chose to take for her big day and was then forced to quit social media for her mental health.

Ushna Shah Deactivated Instagram & Netizens Lands Support

“It’s sad to see what a miserable and hateful bunch we’ve become. Making someone apologize for what they chose to wear on their wedding day.

Ushna Shah had to deactivate her Instagram because of all the hate and trolling. Shame on all of us!” read a tweet.

Another user commented on how we made someone “depressed” during one of their happiest days.

“Ushna shah deactivates her Instagram just a day after the happiest day of her life, and questions if she’s suitable for showbiz, the industry which she passionately worked for.

This is our society! We make people depressed in their happy times and make them leave their passion jobs,” wrote a user.

A tweep blamed “lifeless aunties” for ruining Shah’s big day. “To all lifeless aunties on Instagram and Twitter who criticized Ushna Shah for her dress, shame on your existence.

She apologized for that and deactivated her account. I’m still unable to comprehend what was wrong. It was her big day and you all ruined it.”

A few days ago, Ushna Shah tied the knot with Hamza Amin, and right there things went bad for her for no reason.

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