Ushna Shah reveals industry secrets

‘Can I Tell You Guys An Industry Secret? Ushna Shah Reveals Entertainment Industry’s Dark Secrets


Every entertainment industry has its own dark secrets and at some point, celebrities have revealed them in public.

Recently, one of the most popular and talented female actresses Ushna Shah shared her important two cents on revealing some insight into the entertainment industry.

Source: Express Tribune

Ushna Shah is known for her great performances and roles in Parizaad which made her more famous in the entertainment industry.

But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t share something that everyone or new ones should know about the industry looks so crystal shiny from the outside but inside a lot of dark stories are hidden.

Ushna Shah Revealing Entertainment Industry Secrets

Taking to her official Twitter account, Ushna Shah spread out some ‘Raita’, “Can I tell you guys an industry secret?” “Most people in it are frauds.

Most things are an illusion. When there is a lot of hype there is often (not always) less talent to back it up. It’s smoke and mirrors. It’s PR. It’s set narratives.

The crowd follows where it’s strategically led.” Ushna continued her revelation on another tweet.


Elaborating on the same, the Habs actor added, “This was just a random breakfast epiphany that fraud isn’t just a thing, it’s almost everything and it’s seeped into all forms of show-business: be it films, TV, “humanitarian work”, sports. The ratio of scams to authenticity is sad and a bit demoralizing.”

No doubt, Ushna Shah is one of the most vocalists persons in the industry as she couldn’t hold her emotions and voice for the right cause.

Last year, when netizens were criticizing TV dramas and actors’ vulgarity. Ushna Shah shuts cyber citizens by stating “Don’t watch TV”.

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