Here Are 5 Extremely Helpful “Wedding Night” Tips For All The Brides-To-Be Out There!


We all know that weddings in Pakistan are a spectacular mixture of colorful customs and traditions. Choosing the perfect venue for the wedding, comfortable outfits, yummylicious food items, salon appointments, each and everything requires proper time and management.

And when we talk about the bride-to-be, after performing a list of traditional ceremonies and cultural customs, leaving parental home; The wedding day makes many mental and physical demands on a bride-to-be. With all these nerve-wracking emotions, she has hundreds of questions running in her mind regarding her first and much-awaited night! Will it be a sweet surprise or a painful experience? Would it be a Bollywood inspired night or just a casual meeting? And other expectations mingled with fear, dominate her heart and mind.

To help the bride-to-be, here are some valuable tips for how to prepare, what to do and what to expect for her first night!

1. Keep Calm! Let Things Happen As They Are Going To Happen!

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According to a recent study, it has been found that about 20% of women didn’t experience pleasurable intimate moments on their first night because of anxiety and confusion. Keeping your nerves calm at that time is the most difficult thing to do but if you lose your cool it will only get more difficult. It would be awkward but stay relaxed and enjoy the night!

2. Don’t Aim For Perfection!

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Let all the Bollywood fantasies outside the room because it happens in the movies only! A nervous bride, a well-mannered groom sitting on the comfortable bed with perfect night is nothing but a daydreaming!

3. Keep Cranberry Juice With You!

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Most of the girls rush to the gynecologists just after their first wedding night because of urinary tract infections. To avoid this, go and pee after each time you ‘do your thing’ drink cranberry juice as it’ll make you all set for the next journey! 🙂

4. It Might Not Happen…

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There is a chance that you might not ‘do it’ on the first night but don’t feel disappointed, it is quite common that couples spend time talking and laughing rather than consummating on their first night!

5. Practice Will Make You Perfect!

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So, if your significant other doesn’t make it on the first night or if it doesn’t go well, keep trying, girl!! 🙂

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