10 Thoughts that Cross the Mind of Every Guy and Girl before They Get Married


Getting married to the love of your life can be a big decision. Love or arrange – getting married involves guts and a long thought process. Saying ‘yes’ means you’re ready for things you would never have expected. As easy as it may seem, getting married can be a very daunting task for both the genders.

Here are a few thoughts that might cross your mind at least before you’re getting married. Once the preps have begun, it all seems surreal and it’s hard to accept it all. But the truth is, you’re tying the knot!

1. Is he/she the right person?


You have second thoughts, even when you know you guys are meant to be together.

2. Will my preps be done on time?


It is always a matter of concern until the last minute.

3. Should I or should not get married?

The thought of spending more time and get to know your better half to cross your mind before getting married.

4. What if it all screws up?


The thought of everything screwing up is the worst. It means that whatever you have done will all go in vain.

5. How will my in-laws treat me after marriage?


Be it a guy or girl, the thought of your in-laws accepting you always worry you.

6. What if there is no romance?

Reader of Fictions

We have all heard that things change once you get married. That’s for sure. But this thought can be at the back of your mind at all times.

7. Should I opt for the independent, single life instead?


The freedom, the life before marriage is what one never wants to let go of.

8. How will I share my things with my spouse? Eeeks.


Letting your spouse invade your personal space can take a little time to adjust for some.

But guess what? Having such thoughts is perfectly normal for every boy and girl out there. Plus, everything turns out absolutely perfect in the end.


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