Watch: Yumna Zaidi’s Wedding Dance Goes viral on the internet 


It’s great to see that Yumna Zaidi, the famous Pakistani actress who won hearts across the country with her role in the hit show Tere Bin, is back in the news.

This time, it’s not for how good she is at playing, but for a beautiful dance performance at a family wedding that went viral.

Yumna Zaidi has become one of the biggest stars in the country thanks to her part in Tere Bin, which made her very popular.

Fans can’t wait for her big-screen debut in the upcoming cricket movie Nayab, where she will show off all of her many skills. The movie’s video has already made a lot of noise, and fans can’t wait for it to come out.

The lively beats and catchy tunes of a recent Nayab song called “Shendi Song” with Faryal Mehmood caught people’s attention.  Many fans, though, said they wanted to see Yumna Zaidi‘s dance moves in the song as well.

When Yumna danced at a family wedding, she shocked everyone and made their dreams come true.

In a beautiful traditional outfit, Yumna Zaidi’s cute and graceful dance performance stole the show.

Fans are giving her lots of love and praise on social media sites because of the video of her dance. Yumna’s adorable movements have captivated the internet, and the video went viral right away.

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