Zoya Nasir Clears up Death Rumors on FHM Podcast

Zoya Nasir Clears up Death Rumors on FHM Podcast


Zoya Nasir, daughter of renowned film writer Nasir Adeeb, graciously opened up on the FHM podcast, shedding light on a distressing incident where false rumors of her own death circulated on social media. The misinformation stemmed from a tragic event in her personal life – her sister-in-law’s sudden passing.

Zoya Nasir FHM Podcast

Zoya Nasir, who was deeply connected to her late sister-in-law throughout her life, faced the shock of the unexpected loss. During this difficult period, Zoya was not active on social media or reachable by phone, contributing to the prolonged spread of inaccurate news. The confusion arose when a media outlet mistakenly associated Nasir Adeeb’s daughter with the tragic incident, causing a ripple effect of misinformation. Eventually, the truth emerged, highlighting the importance of accurate reporting and the toll such misinformation can take on individuals dealing with personal grief.

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