14 Things You Need To Know About A Stay-At-Home Mom!


14 Things You Need To Know About A Stay-At-Home Mom!


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Amongst many things, I’m predominantly a housewife, a homemaker, a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), whatever it is you call it. Why I’m saying this as the first thing is because I do not wish to hide it, behind the garb of doing freelance interiors, having a blog, having a home business, of having a thick social life, of too many guests, too much traveling. Actually, I can have all that because I’m a SAHM. And some decades ago, I would have come under the category of boasting but things have dramatically changed.

Trying to bust some myths, here’s my guide to the things you need to know about a Stay At Home MOM:

1.  No Sleep. No TV At All

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No, I don’t sleep all day. Don’t expect me to stay up late just because you think I can sleep anytime I want. No, I don’t watch TV all day either.

2. No Random Plans

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Yes, I have our day planned early morning, don’t call up for random shopping plans.

3. I Envy Nobody, I Hope Nobody Envies Me

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No, I don’t look down upon the working woman, but I don’t envy her either.

4. Yes Social Life, No Social Life

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I don’t have a social life because I have nothing better to do, I have a social life because I love having people in my life.

5. No Break At All

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I have not taken a career break, I’m a mom. Child rearing and raising is a full-time job. Of course, there are daycares, but I get to choose what I do with my kids.

6. My Job Is Not A Time Pass!

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No, I don’t blog to pass my time, I love to write and connect.

7. Me And My Husband Share What We Earn

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Everything I own is not a GIFT from my husband, we share what he earns like I share what I cook.

8. Freelancing Isn’t Easy As People Think

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Freelancing is not a fancy way of doing nothing. Freelancing is doing from home what you do at the office, even tougher because no one realizes I’m working.

9. I Do Maintain Myself

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I don’t look maintained because I have lots of time at hand; I’m maintained cause I prioritize it. You should too.

10. Satisfaction Is All I Get At The End Of The Day

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Being a housewife doesn’t automatically makes me desperate, there is the satisfied kind too.

11. Clothes? Yes…

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Why I need so many clothes? Is that even a question?

12. Never Ask A SAHM That

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Don’t call up and ask, “Sou tou nahi rahi thi na” (Hope you weren’t sleeping). It’s my single most unfavorable question.

13. Being SAHM, It Is Not Necessary That I Should Stay Home All Day!

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Just because I’m a SAHM doesn’t literally mean I’m home all day. I don’t enjoy domestic work, and I’m no cleaning diva, unlike common misconception all SAHM’s are not Stepford’s wives. Similarly, I don’t bake my own bread and make my own masalas, it’s alright.

14. I Need A Break Too

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Like you need a break, I need it too.

Are you a SAHM too? Share your experience in the comments.

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