A Creepy Pakistani Begged the Woman He Harassed Not to Expose Him And Here's Why


A Creepy Pakistani Begged the Woman He Harassed Not to Expose Him And Here’s Why


If you are a Pakistani Twitter user, you must be aware of all the harassment stories circulating on the social media spaces revolving around various people; the top news being the CEO of Patari who was exposed (with screenshots), hitting on numerous girls despite him being married and having a daughter. The obscene messages sent by the CEO were seen everywhere, sparking the women to come forward and share more harassment stories regarding other men on Twitter.

Women were calling out the perpetrators with proof, telling the world how a man has tried to sexually harass her by sending her unsolicited messages. Time and time again, the screenshots of a number of Pakistani men were surfacing all over the Twitter.

So While Everyone Was Exposing the Guys on Twitter, This Girl Received the Most Hilarious (And Embarrassing) Pleas on Twitter

The Pakistani Twitter user from Islamabad (who has asked for her identity to be hidden) shared the screenshots she received from men telling her not to expose them.

And the Reasons They Gave Were Hilarious!

LOOOL Unreal!

And Here’s More Laughing Stock

And Finally, Here’s Someone Using Mental Illness As an Excuse towards Sending Harassment Content

Well, a mental illness is definitely not an excuse to get away with something. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which leads to abnormal social behavior and a delusion towards understanding what the reality is. They are indulged in different false beliefs and have unclear perception towards things. They also lack motivation and reduce their emotional and social expressions.

But this guy, on the other hand, felt the need of saying that because he has a mental illness, he sends “bad messages” to women…but why just women tho?

Anyway, so these men running away and hiding their true demons is the perfect source of laughter you really, really need to read.

Pretty sure every woman on social media has encountered harassment and unsolicited messages from someone she knew or maybe she didn’t. The plus point is, women have started talking about these disgusting actions by men!

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