A Few Things You Should Talk About Before Getting Hitched In An “Arranged Marriage”


Like any normal Pakistani houshold, almost every girl/guy has to go through such a process where they are set up on a blind date by either their parents or some relative. If you wish not to go through such awkward meetings, but still you have because your parents say “Dekhny mein kia hai”

Many people who do not consider even thinking about getting married anytime soon, end up convinced in many such “Arranged marriage” meetings that they like the person who they have just met. Crazy as it may seem but yes, we all people and mostly our parents are actually the ones who were married in an arranged setting. So, if you are a person who is put into a situation is teeny tiny thinking to give it a shot and doesn’t know what to ask the person to better analyze. Here are a few things you can talk about in the first meeting without sounding too creepy. We promise you!

1. Food


Food something for which people can either click very quickly or not at all. Just as some people are very experimentative and others NOT AT ALl. Later ones are the kind who would specifically know what to order when they got to a particular restaurant! But the experimentative one would eat anything and ask the waiter to bring the best dish they in the house. So, when choosing a partner you should know what kind of a foodie you are dealing with!

2. Childhood


Childhood talks are the one which brings good humor to the conversation, plus they will let you both get close a step ahead! All the stupid and creepy thing you both did, some awkward and some proud! That’ll make you both imagine each other in a different setting also, will you both now empathize with each other, or maybe not! 😀

3. Travel


Travel make you sane! It is what people say. Also, it makes you a good storyteller, so if every one of the above things goes wrong, you can always save up your ass by telling some good travel stories and not sound boring!

4. Movies and Music


A person’s choice and acumen could be judged by their choice of movies! And if you found out that person, then booom! Voila. Also, music is something that connects people! Yeah, yeah, we hear that you can’t agree more 😀

5. Work Life


Work is what tells you about a person’s passion also what drives them! What makes a person get out of their bed and go to work. What are their motivations, aims, aspirations! Where they want to see themselves. What are their standards for the quality of life they want to live.

Well, these all things are enough for two people to know them a bit to decide for the next meeting!

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