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Aiman Khan Hits 5 Million Followers On Instagram, After Mahira!


Aiman Muneeb Butt has had a fantastic run of dramas, but apart from being an amazing actress, her personal life also changed dramatically, for the better. After tying the knot with Muneeb Butt in star-studded events in 2018, she has now become a mother to a beautiful daughter. Her mommy-glow is her highlighter these days. Although Aiman has taken a vacation from her acting career to focus on motherhood, her popularity didn’t stop growing.

Aiman Khan reaches the 5 Million Mark on Instagram.

Of course, she is no Jennifer Aniston, who reached a one million mark in 24 hours of setting her official account. But, Aiman Khan is a Pakistani celebrity that has her own star-power. Apart from her successful career, her Instagram popularity also testifies to it. If you are a fan then you would know how close of a bong Aiman shares with her twin sister Minal Khan and their mother. Instagram posts are filled with beautiful snaps of these three beauties.

Aiman shares the news with gratitude.

Previously, Mahira Khan reached 5 Million followers after her Paris Fashion Week milestone. Now, after Aiman, her sister Minal isn’t too far off either. Aiman Khan and Minal Khan’s lives definitely changed once their careers took over. Once Aiman was married, the question’s regarding Minal’s marital plans starting to pop-up; which of course, were cleared by Aiman. In addition, Minal Khan has been appearing on dramas after the sister took a maternity break; and Minal, although not as popular as Aiman, is an impressive actress.

Pakistanis have seen Aiman Khan grow into a beautiful young lady before their eyes. Now, she has embarked on a new journey of motherhood – which isn’t easy but fulfilling, nonetheless.

Aiman Khan’s life had its ‘exposing’ moments. She is a private person when it comes to her relationships and life in general. Her bridal shower pictures leaked and soon after the pictures of her baby-girl Amal, also leaked. Of course, this infuriated her, but the whole matter ended up becoming a comedy sketch. As the person who possibly leaked the pictures was from within her own circle. It was an inside job.

Aiman Khan, like anybody, has the right to privacy but the matter of her pictures leaking was quite hilarious. However, she is a beautiful mother, bride and daughter, no doubt. Moreover, her fanbase continues to increase which is cherry on top.

2019 has proven to be a fantastic year for the Pakistani drama industry and Aiman has sure missed out opportunities. But it was all worth it in the end. Since nothing compares to motherhood. We wish her all the best and healthy life ahead.

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