Aishwariya Rai Shares How She Was Fat-Shamed And WOW, She Stood Strong!


Aishwariya Rai Shares How She Was Fat-Shamed And WOW, She Stood Strong!


“I think you need to lose some weight?”

“Why aren’t you dieting these days?”


“She’s so fat. I don’t think she will fit in those clothes!”

These are some common remarks that we say or hear in our daily conversations, referring to ‘fat’ people. We are all human beings with our differences in looks, size, color and personality and we should feel proud of our uniqueness. As cliched as it sounds, ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ should be practiced as often as it is said.

Fat shaming has become common all around the globe, especially with media introducing the concept of ‘size zero’. More than 80% of the people are victims to such remarks, it is only few who own up to who they are and love themselves.

However, as we face these problems even celebrities are open to such remarks in their daily lives. Recently, Aishwariya Rai Bachan disclosed how she was fat shamed during her post-pregnancy period. It’s sad how an actress had to hear such remarks when experiencing one of the most beautiful phase of her life; beginning of motherhood.


Her upcoming movie, ‘Fanney Khan’ that talks about concept of fat-shaming is when Ashawaiya Rai shared her past experiences,

While Fanney Khan speaks about body-shaming, to me it’s about self-esteem which I think is the larger topic. ‘Fat’ is the ‘F’ word that everyone’s worried about today.”

This is so true..and sad!

And also,

“Body-shaming is just one aspect at a certain period in my life. The reason I am able to handle it is because I have faced judgement in my life for so long. People including teachers in my school judged me for choosing modelling as a professional career.

Here is a video of what she said in her interview,

There are hundreds of untold stories that are faced by both the genders everyday and we cannot even imagine the struggles they might be facing just because of what people say. Words hurt as much as actions do, so next time we should think before saying anything to anyone! Also, it is important that these things are brought into limelight and discussed so that people learn to love themselves for who they really are!


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