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Amma Hits Back At Bushra Ansari – Replies To Her Arrogant Remarks In New Video


A few days back, veteran Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari used some harsh words against a drama critic called ‘Amma’ on social media. It created quite an uproar on social media, however, now Amma has responded to every criticism by the Pakistani actress.

Amma brutally bashed the actress by saying that Bushra has not only insulted her but also the entire Punjabi community by calling her ‘paindoo and cheap’. She also said that Bushra made fun of other actors on a personal level all her life. Now, she was getting offended by her honest reviews on her drama characters.

Amma thanked all of her fans and celebrities who supported her. She also shared that how bad her daughter was feeling over these remarks of Bushra. The actress had called Amma, corona, and even prayed for her death.

The drama critic also accused Bushra of spreading nepotism and ignoring the real talent of the Pakistan entertainment industry.

“Bushra Ji you have insulted the entire Pakistani nation who loves watching dramas. I am not a critic but a drama lover who is watching dramas for the past 40 years. So if you think we are ‘paindoo and jahil’ for watching and criticizing dramas then you should stop making dramas for the Pakistani audience,” she said.

Many celebrities came forward in support of Amma. Public supported Amma immensely. Bushra, however, deleted the post soon after facing backlash on social media.

Moreover, not only Amma, but Zara Noor Abbas’ ‘overacting’ in the drama series ‘Zebaish’ has also been constantly trolled on social media these days. The drama has been written by actress Bushra Ansari and instead of taking the reviews positively she was seen lashing out the critics.


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