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L AMay 30, 2020

Meet Shahnaz Laghari – Pakistan’s First Fully Veiled Pilot in GBWR

Many of you must have known about this already but there would be some of you who don’t, which is ...

L AMay 29, 2020

Is Actress Ayesha Omar Considering To Marry Politician Sheikh Rasheed?

We have all known Ayesha Omer in multiple capacities. Somewhere she stuns her viewers with her singing skills. Somewhere she ...

L AMay 29, 2020

CSS Officer Sassi Sher Malik Tells Women Why Reading Their Nikkah-Nama Is Important

It is ironic how some of our most important events in life get blindfolded by culture and traditions. No matter ...

L AMay 18, 2020

WATCH: Saba Qamar Spills The Beans About A Man Who Wasted 8 Years Of Her Life

It is amazing to see these celebrities open up about issues that common people usually find difficult to address. What ...

L AMay 16, 2020

Legendary Actress Reema Khan Clarifies Her Statement on Airing Ertugrul

Currently, we are witnessing Turkish Drama Ertugrul taking the internet by storm and we don’t expect this ruckus to calm ...

L AMay 15, 2020

Find Out The Shocking Secrets To Aiman Khan’s Rapid Weight Loss

Recently the news that caught everyone’s attention was Aiman Khan’s being the most followed celebrity on Instagram. That naturally established ...

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