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WATCH: Saba Qamar Spills The Beans About A Man Who Wasted 8 Years Of Her Life


It is amazing to see these celebrities open up about issues that common people usually find difficult to address. What makes it even better is the fact that these celebrities, like Saba Qamar, don’t hesitate to open up in the hope of bettering the society or societal norms. If anything, this act immensely helps in highlighting issues that are previously normalized and commonly practiced.

The legendary Saba Qamar, in this video, talks about the time she was convinced into retaining a relationship. Why? just because society believed so. “A man wasted 8 years of my life because I listened to the people who advised me to remain with that one man for the rest of my life – the first man of my life”

She is brave and a fighter

Then she goes on to talk about the way this man used to treat her. She says, “he’d lie, he’d misbehave, he’d beat me” and then she adds, “but would apologize after every fight.” Does this ring a bell, ladies? Well of course. We all have met such men in our lives who did everything bad they got the chance to and then apologized at the end. Such is the story of this internationally loved actress Saba Qamar who said, “I’d assume he’d get better. He didn’t but he surely messed up my head.” Then she goes on to explain how this man married a woman from his extended family which he said was the way in his family setup.

This clip has been circulating everywhere in which Saba Qamar is seen confessing her mistakes and revealing her love-life in extremely rapid speech. Check out the comments in the video. See how many women relate to her story.

Watch this strong statement that she breaks the show with:

Her broken engagement

The next relationship in line is the one in which she got engaged but she found out the guy broke off the engagement through Facebook when his update on getting married to someone else showed up. Wow! When famous successful women get treated so poorly, the hope for common women gets cut down even more.

The cheater

The story didn’t end there. After this guy got married to a woman from his family, he still had feelings for Saba Qamar when he accidentally took her name which has caused him a lot of trouble to date, says Saba Qamar.

2015 – the ferangi one

This one was the worst one of all. The one who wasn’t faithful at all, unlike her dog. Yes, she did compare him to her DOG! Well…. we don’t mind the comparison to a being who makes your life hell. But there is one concern, why do animals have to bear the burden of human follies. For their sake, I’d say we shouldn’t draw the comparison.

Her followers on her rapid speech confessions

OK, that was a bit extreme. And formal. And weird.

Anyway, the takeaways from this video are some of the most important lessons of life: do not be in a toxic relationship for a second. Once, ladies, you have established the guy is toxic, leave him right away! Follow Saba Qamar’s league!

Also, Saba Qamar really doesn’t care about people who hate Saba Qamar for her work, her talent, neither does she pay heed to them but her own motives, causes, and responsibilities to accomplish in life.

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