Ayesha Omer Marry Sheikh Rasheed

Is Actress Ayesha Omar Considering To Marry Politician Sheikh Rasheed?


We have all known Ayesha Omer in multiple capacities. Somewhere she stuns her viewers with her singing skills. Somewhere she is inspiring everyone with her acting.

Then we have also remembered her from the times she was a VJ. Style icon, she is!

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This award is something else…it means so so much, it’s humbled me so deeply and filled me with so much gratitude…. I want to write and say so much but I already did in my acceptance speech…will be posting that soon…until then, thank you, thank you @humtvnetwork @humstyleawards @sultanasiddiqui apa, all the jury members who felt and believed that I deserved the award for Style icon of the year 2018-2019, all the designers, stylists, makeup artists and photographers who have helped me throughout my journey, to reach where I am today….. so much love and gratitude for all of you…🙏❤️✨ . . . …..and last but not the least, I want to thank my Mother from the core of my being, who struggled and worked tirelessly all her life to educate her children and make them independent, and my Creator who protects me every step of the way…🤲. . . #ayeshaomar #hsa20 #theahowmustgoon #styleicon

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Be it humorous or serious roles

Be it humorous or serious roles, Ayesha Omer is always doing her best to impress her followers. And recently what made her appearance remarkable in the drama industry was her role in the show Bulbulay. In this show, she plays the role of a cranky wife, who, in fact, is the only sane one among all. Thus, her crankiness.

Recently, we saw her in a show where she talked about her life, what she wants to do in the future, and how she wants herself to be perceived by people. She spoke in good faith and intentions. There were even some parts where the host asked personal questions that one could find easily intimidating. But Ayesha Omer, as natural and happy-go-lucky as she is, handled all of them pretty well.

So here came the part when the host asked her as to whom would she pick if the world collapse and she is left with 4 men in the world. The list comprised of Sheikh Rasheed, Rana Sanaullah, Qaim Ali Shah, Chaudhary Shujaat, and Tahir ul Qadri.

The actress naively responded by asking the host as to who some of those politicians were. After looking through their images, she picks Sheikh Rasheed.

No, she doesn’t just pick him in the spur of a moment. She actually gives out the reason to do so.

So what did she say?

She says, “He is funny, entertaining, good sense of humour and light-hearted.” And she doesn’t that say that out of necessity, she makes it sounds like she MAY consider him, despite such needs. Well, this may be our interpretation and reading too much into it but he innocent expression sure does make us think she keeps Sheikh Rasheed in good books.

We see the actress making headlines every now and then, be it for her acting performances, singing or fitness regimes. She is an all in one, and one in a million.

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