‘I Could Fix Him’, Ayesha Omar Shares Detail Of Her Abusive Relationship


Very few Pakistani actresses have made their way into the male-dominant entertainment industry and Ayesha Omar is one of them.

Recently she appeared on the FWhy Podcast, she shared details regarding her career which includes hardships, abusive relationships, and suffering.

Source: Express Tribune

And much other stuff that she faced all alone. Ayesha Omer has undoubtedly gained impressive popularity among fans through her acting.

But with popularity, she suffered a lot in terms of relationships or workload. She even found herself in various controversies as well.

Ayesha Omar On Her Abusive Relationship

She said, “As a child, I was a very bright and cheery person but that all changed as I grew up,” began Omar, detailing her experience of working in showbiz.

“The actual trauma I faced was in my teenage years when I moved to another city to work in this industry alone, that was the real game changer.

Source: News International

When you’re all alone in a world full of men, the softness in you has to disappear, or you’re taken as weak and they attack you.”

She further added, “I have many friends in the industry who still live with their families, and they are soft.

So, a woman can afford to be soft if her family is around because then she is not dealing with men every day all alone.”

Had to become tough, Ayesha Omar

Ayesha continued and shared that she had to become tough enough to deal with men in our society. “I had to deal with all kinds of men alone and that required me to put up a hard front. The thing is, when you keep a distance from people, you are then called ‘difficult’ and ‘arrogant’.

Source: Express Tribune

“You’re either a bit*h or an sl**,” explained Omar, highlighting the hypocrisy in society. “If you’re too soft and friendly, especially if you live alone, you are an sl*t, and if you’re reserved, you have labeled the latter. There’s no middle ground.”

Omar also revealed that she was in an abusive relationship for eight years and was almost married to that person as well. “I don’t want to talk about the relationship in detail because it took me so long to leave the person, as I always thought he would eventually change and become better or that I could fix him,” shared the actor.

“Even after eight years of going back and forth, the relationship was full of physical abuse and so much verbal abuse, so I left,” continued the Tanhai star.

Ayesha Omar has never been out of the limelight ever since she entered the industry. Nauman Ijaz made Ayesha Omar uncomfortable on his talk show.


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