Yashma Gill About Society Stereotypes

Women Are Not Gold Diggers, Yashma Gill Spills Bitter Truth About Society Stereotypes


Yashma Gill in her recent podcast interview talked about the misconstrued society of women being stereotypes as gold diggers.

In our society, if a woman marries a successful man, then everyone labels her as a Gold Digger and that’s the most disgusting thing to say to any woman.


In the current generation, women are being financial independence and supporting their husbands. Even there are several couples in which women earn more than men and are still married.

Yashmi highlighted these important aspects of women that are misinterpreted in society by people.

Yashma Gill About Society Stereotypes

During the conversation with Nadir Ali, Nadir Ali states, “A man’s ugliness is considered to be an empty pocket. If he’s broke, no matter how great he may look, he comes across as bad. He must earn.”

Source: Express Tribune

Here, Gill interjects, she shed some light on this matter but refused to take names.  “I don’t want to take names, but if you look around us for examples of people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, there are many examples where women are more successful than their husbands. But they are married, and they’re love marriages.”

“In this field?” questions Ali.

“I won’t take names,” reiterates Gill. “They can be in the field, I’m also talking about outside examples. I don’t think this statement is right where we label women as gold diggers, I don’t think so.”

Heart Wants What It Wants,  Yashma Gill

Nadir was in shock after hearing  Yashma’s bitter real truth about the industry couples. Nadir couldn’t believe it and replied “Really?”

Yashma further said, “The heart wants what it wants.” “It’s a famous saying that the man earns and gives to the woman,” continues Ali, “but if the woman earns, she says she doesn’t need a man. It’s famous saying that women have this kind of mentality,” states the host.

Source: Express Tribune

“I think this is being confused with when a woman is independent, she is no longer helpless,” answers the Alif star.

“She can take a stand for herself. She can say at home that she is not a burden on her family, and she won’t just marry anyone. Or, if she’s in an abusive relationship, she can take a stand for herself there. She knows she can take care of herself.”

Independence Is Woman’s Strength

Nadir later understood Yashma’s point and interjected her. But Yashma excused him for cutting him off and spoke more about women’s independence.

Source: MagPakistan

“I think the independence of girls and women is their strength and power. It’s not that they don’t need men. Everyone needs companionship.”

“Exactly,” agrees the host. “Take Hazrat Adam and Havva – it’s a natural thing,” continues Gill. “Everyone needs companionship. However, there must be compatibility, respect, and a lot of other things,” she adds.

She Cleared The Air

After the podcast, most people misunderstood her point or say opinions and slammed her on various social media platforms. To clear the air she shared a snippet of the interview, Yashma stated, “So just to clear the air, the respectable host only meant to ask my opinion on what is a common misconception in society.

Source: Instagram

Nowhere did he agree with it himself or said that it is something that he believes in. It was just one of the many things that he discussed with me – “discussed” not imposed, argued, or debated.

Therefore let’s not get him wrong and frame him in ways he doesn’t deserve because he was nothing but extremely kind and respectful toward me and I was honestly in awe of his nature. A true gentleman.”

On women’s financial independence and equal pay, Iffat Omar also raised her voice on Aurat March 2023 for which she received backlash from the netizens.

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