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This Cute Picture Of Ayesha Omer With Kartik Aryan Is Making Pakistani Girls Super Jealous And Something Is Cooking-Up!


Ayesha Omer has achieved some amazing milestone. Earlier this year, when she was in New York to attend NY Fashion Week, she met Gigi Hadid and had many photos. People of Pakistan were beyond thrilled for her. She’s been working quite hard to get the place where she is today.
She doesn’t need any introduction or dubious praises to be known.
She’s a queen of her own. Ain’t she?

Mostly, known as “Khubsoorat” Ayesha still works in the ever famous comedy drama serial “Bulbullay” her character and dialogues are something you wouldn’t want to miss.
But there is something else you wouldn’t want to miss, and that is this amazing photo of Ayesha Omer with Kartik Aryaan!

Oh my my! Too much sizzle to handle!

They say you can’t stop the party if you are in Dubai! Seems like the case here, many celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood were there to attend Masala Awards. But looks like they had an after party (after the party :D)

Kartik the ever amazing actor of the movie “Sonu K Tittu Ki Sweety” where he’s a loving friend and the love that his friendship hold is something everyone must have experienced in their life.

When this photo was making round on the internet! Maybe people were super jealous and that’s why made hate comments?! Eh?

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*dance on the song*

“Mehnat kar beta hasad na kar” That’s what they say, you know! 😀

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Aur apki? Umm…

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WOW! Nice idea. He’s worth doing that! *wink wink*


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Apko jalan kyun horahi hai lekin?

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Also, in retrospect; Kartik, Ayesha, and Shehryar at the shoot of Masala Awards

Did all the haters see that Kartik Aryaan helped Ayesha with her gown during the shoot? Boo yaaaa!

How many of you are drooling over Kartik right now? Tag your friend who has a die-hard crush on him. 😉

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