Nazish Jahangir Opens Up About Personal Changes

Nazish Jahangir Opens Up About Personal Changes


Nazish Jahangir, a talented and beautiful artist in the Pakistani drama industry, recently shared insights into her life on the FHM podcast. Despite her success, Nazish hasn’t shied away from expressing her thoughts.

In the podcast, Nazish revealed that her mother passed away when she was just 15, and since then, she has learned a lot from society, which has shaped her into a strong person. Describing herself as a “Patakha” (firecracker), even her father is sometimes surprised by how she handles everything on her own.

Not just an artist, Nazish also disclosed that she is a psychiatrist. During the COVID pandemic, she conducted sessions on Instagram. While some people used the sessions for flirting, she also had the chance to genuinely help and support many others.

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Nazish Jahangir’s openness about her life experiences and professional activities provides a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of this remarkable individual.

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