Sara Chaudhry From TV Star to Spiritual Journey

Sara Chaudhry: From TV Star to Spiritual Journey


Sara Chaudhry, formerly a renowned model and television actress in Pakistan, became famous for her wholesome appearance and acting prowess. She featured in numerous TV dramas such as “Chokhat,” “Behlawa,” “Tere Pehlu Main,” among others. Nonetheless, she opted to depart from the entertainment sector in 2010 following a spiritual realization.

In a recent podcast hosted by Hafiz Ahmed, Sara opened up about her religious transformation. She shared, “My parents always emphasized Islamic values. They encouraged prayer and reading the Quran. My father was particularly strict about praying, and my mother was devout from a young age. Our family observed Ramadan with great devotion. I always prayed for guidance and felt peace in the name of Allah.”

Sara’s decision to leave showbiz was influenced by various factors, including the passing of her young aunt at the age of 38. This event served as a wake-up call for her. Additionally, her family’s restrictions on her social interactions outside of work also played a role in her spiritual journey. Despite being a celebrity, Sara remained close to her parents and found solace in their guidance.

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Reflecting on her career, Sara mentioned that she initially joined showbiz to support her parents financially and fulfill their dreams of having a comfortable life. She expressed gratitude for her father’s friend who introduced her to modeling opportunities. Even during her stardom, Sara remained connected to her family, finding comfort and protection in their presence.

Now happily married with children, Sara Chaudhry dedicates her life to religious preaching and continues to find fulfillment in her spiritual journey.

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