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MunizaSeptember 26, 2019

This Old Bearded-Man Molested A Girl On A Bus For 6 Hours, Till She Taught Him A Lesson!

For an average woman, existing outside her home is nothing short of a nightmare. The constant fear of being harassed, ...

MunizaSeptember 26, 2019

A Young Boy In Lahore Started Touching Himself In Front Of This Girl In Public!

Lahore’s reputation has been stained by the many stories of gross sexual harassment faced by women there on a daily ...

Danial. ASeptember 24, 2019

Nimerta Chandani Case Update: Parents Don’t Trust Courts, Cancel Their FIR!

The failing law-enforcing system in Pakistan is a clear picture of the corruption elements prevailing within the justice agenda. The ...

MunizaSeptember 20, 2019

Amna Atiq’s Unfortunate Death After Her ‘Live’ Statement Against Her Husband Has Stirred A Storm!

With the advancement of time, sensitive matters pertaining to women rights are confidently discussed and brought under the limelight in ...

MunizaSeptember 16, 2019

A Woman In Karachi Got Rid Of Her Husband With Her Lover’s Assistance — Blaming It On Unhappy Marriage!

Pakistan usually has men leading in all sorts of crimes and rarely do we see a woman behind an offence. ...

Danial. ASeptember 14, 2019

A 17-Years-Old Boy From Bahawalpur Took A Teacher’s Life After She Rejected His Marriage Proposal!

In such a short period of time, the civilian protection rights in Pakistan are being compromised massively. Witnessing the widely ...

Soha NaveedJune 2, 2019

An Alleged Woman From Pakistan Was Seen Performing Umrah In Ehram And Everyone Is Confused!

If you have ever performed Umrah/Hajj or have some basic knowledge about it, you’d know that Islam has set some ...

Sarmad AliMay 24, 2019

Trans Model And Activist Kami Sid Has Been Alleged Of Raping A 14-Year-Old And Social Media Is On Fire!

The rise of harassment cases is on its peak and living in Pakistan and witnessing all this happening is utterly ...

MunizaMay 20, 2019

This Pakistani Girl Shared The Types Of Men A Woman Should NOT Marry And Damn, She Makes So Much Sense!

Marriage- something that today’s generation is too scared to dive into for reasons that are several. Call it commitment issues, ...

MunizaMay 13, 2019

Pakistani Model Farha Nizam Was Brutally Beaten By Her Boyfriend And She’s Seeking Help!

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone belonging to any gender, age, and social standing. Abuse takes various forms ...

Parhlo PinkMay 4, 2019

These Two Pakistani ‘Burger’ Bajis Were Caught In A Cat Fight And It’s The Most Hilarious Fight Of 2019!

One step guide on how to embarrass yourself- Publicly fight like a jangli and that is it. Something similar happened ...

Sheherbano NaqviApril 23, 2019

The Gracefully Filthy World Of ‘Intellectual Prostitution’ And How We All Stand As One

A frown on the forehead and cringe on the face is what you see when you say the term prostitution ...

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