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Shah MohammedApril 23, 2019

Here’s How You Can Flaunt Your Business Attire In The Best Way Possible!

Most of the firms these days are following a new trend of blending the casual and formal dress code for ...

Shaikh MehmoodApril 20, 2019

The Canadian Girl Who Was Cat-Called In Rawalpindi Is A Cancer Survivor And Her Story Is Extremely Inspiring!

On April 15, the news went viral regarding prominent human rights activist, Assma Galuta (alias Asoomii Jay) when she was ...

FarwaApril 19, 2019

Singer Ali Noor Revealed He Always Discusses ‘Periods’ With His Daughter And People Are Furious!

Menstruation, pads, tampons – the words which are supposed to be uttered in hushed whispers for fear of being labeled ...

MunizaApril 18, 2019

This Girl And Her Sister Went Through Hell In Lahore’s Solis Festival When 30 Men Harassed Them In Public!

On April 13th a young woman attended the Solis Festival in Lahore which is a music and arts festival held ...

Shaikh MehmoodApril 17, 2019

This Girl From Chitral Has A Very Important Message For Tourists About ‘Consent’ Of Women And Their Privacy!

Chitral Valley in Pakistan is known globally for its enticing beauty and breathtaking scenery. With a stunningly dynamic landscape, the ...

Sarmad AliApril 15, 2019

This Canadian Girl Was Followed And Cat-Called On The Streets Of Islamabad And People Are Blaming Her For It!

For some men, mistreating women has become a joke and they treat them as mere objects. However, what they don’t ...

Aymen ZubeiriApril 10, 2019

This Pakistani Girl Shares How Discussing Marital Problems Has Become A Taboo And This Is Extremely Sad!

A tale old as time, yet everyone seems to forget it! As she swiftly walks in her lehenga, covered in ...

FarwaApril 2, 2019

This Pakistani Instagrammer Wants To Normalize Body Hair On Women And She’s Absolutely ‘Baemisaal’!

Bihamaal Zurqa, better known to the social media world as ‘Baemissal’ is a rare fashion blogger who is breaking stereotypes ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 1, 2019

A Female Anchor Insulted Young Doctors Who Weren’t Getting Salaries, On Live TV, And The Awaam Is Angry!

In any country, controversy is a “thing” maybe call it a new trend. Social media can’t survive a day without ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 29, 2019

A Punjab College Girl’s Life Has Been Ruined By A Tik-Tok Dance Video And This Incident Teaches Us A Huge Lesson!

As it is perceived that Pakistan is a remote country, be it in terms of education, media, infrastructure and what ...

FarwaMarch 28, 2019

Power Of Social Media Puts Lahori Husband Who Shaved His Wife’s Head Behind Bars And This Is A Victory!

It has been seen that domestic mistreatment with a woman is acceptable in our society, unfortunately. To control a woman, ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 27, 2019

A Lahori Husband Shaved His Wife’s Head Because She Refused To Dance In Front Of His Friends And This Is Sick!

They say women in western countries are more empowered and confident! But in reality, when it comes to people and ...

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