An 80-Year-Old Man Blessed DPO Maria By Touching Her Head, She Mistook It And Got Him Arrested!


An 80-Year-Old Man Was Arrested By DPO Maria For Acting Like Her Father And This Is What Really Happened!


Many women in Pakistan, have been liberated by the internet! Be it voicing out their concerns for the conveyance from their college to home, or how a new mother is worried about losing weight post delivery. It has also liberated women in voicing the things which were never talked before in the history of the world. Like, when the #MeToo movement started, women from all over the world started giving a shoulder to all the other women who have faced similar situations.

It was a collective thing, and when people started talking about it, it was only then, the victim’s felt less burdened. Only then, they got to know that they were not alone all this time.

But the internet also never let anyone misuse the power of it!

This DPO Pakpattan Maria Mehmood got angry over an eighty-year-old man! The man allegedly tried putting his hand over Maria’s head for affection and respect. But Maria got severely offended by that!

Maria Mehmood got this old man jailed!

Posted by Mahar Goga Sher Sial on Thursday, January 10, 2019

This happened during the Municipal committee’s open court session in Tehsil Arif Wala, where Maria was present! The old man is the Central President of Traders Association Sufi Abdul Rasheed who criticized the role of local Police in front of the DPO Pakpattan.

Maria ensured the old man to fulfill her duty in whatever ways she can, in reply to the old man! But then things swiped too weird when the old man tried putting his hand over DPO’s head.

Maria was severely offended by the old man’s action and pushed him away and warned him too!

Posted by Mahar Goga Sher Sial on Thursday, January 10, 2019

After this, the local police called the Central President of Traders Association to reach the police station for a meeting. But when he reached there the police played a trick and filed some fake cases against him and put him behind the bars.

When the news spread, many people gathered at Lari Adda Chawk, to voice against this action that the police took. Many traders and local people were standing in defense of the old man.

The friends and family were chanting to take the president of traders association out of jail, in favor of Sufi Abdul Rasheed.

Later on the same day, upon the multiple requests of people, the police freed Sufi Abdul Rasheed.

This is not a very twisted case, as people have made a big fuss out of it. The man wanted to show respect, that’s how a fatherly figure would do.

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