Faryal Makhdoom is Killing Everyone With Her Looks Just One Week After Giving Birth


Frayal Makhdoom the controversial couple famous for it’s controversial tweets. How can we forget that?! Just before Faryal’s pregnancy was announced the couple made the internet crazy with tweets. They both were just about to part ways and made it clear to every that both of them were allegedly cheating on each other.

Imran Khan even went as far as accusing his wife of cheating on with a guy on her snapchat while he himself posted drunk clubbing photos with many girls around. Well, everything calmed down when Faryal declared that she’s pregnant with Imran’s baby. So and so things were fine throughout her pregnancy and we hope will continue to be normal. But she just gave birth to a very healthy baby and the family is beyond happy!

Alyana Khan!

But the most shocking thing that made people bite their nails out of utter shock was right after a week of giving birth to a beautiful baby Faryal posted a photo of herself where she’s seen slaying a lawn ka jora!

Isn’t it just amazing?!

To the beautiful Faryal Makhdom, first of all, how?! Yes! The nation wants to know!!!! How can anyone be this gorgeous after giving birth to a baby? Well, we need to know her secrets.

Are you too shocked of her beauty? Do you think nobody would believe this? Tag them and ask if that’s REALLY possible or it’s just a DHOKA! Well, Faryal is capable of doing that any time of the day.

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