This Pakistani Girl Just Accuses Sheikh Rashid Of "Tharak" And It Backfired Badly!


This Pakistani Girl Just Accuses Sheikh Rashid Of “Tharak” And It Backfired Badly!


Sheikh Rashid is actually that one Pakistani politician who is LITERALLY world famous and doesn’t need any introduction AT ALL! Sheikh got famous for his video where he challenged Nawaz Sharif that he promised his people to be at Lal Haveli and despite all the roads being blocked, he was there.

How can you miss this video?

This is just one proof that he’s a true badass! But that one time, around elections this year, he was seen standing at some thela and having his sweet time munching “siri payee”.

After watching the viral video, people were saying ,”Sheikh Rashid is every Pakistani”! Well, yes. Aren’t we all? *Wink wink*

Be it a PMLN supporter or PTI or even PPP, everyone loves him despite his position and his current party status. We know by heart that Sheikh is a true foodie and he is actually “badnaam” for his food habits. “If Jahan khana mila wahan toot pary had a face” that’s Sheikh Rashid for you.

But none of the Pakistanis would bear the fact of accusing him for anything else other than food.

This one girl on Twitter just accused Sheikh Rashid of being a pervert and people are laughing at her!

People did their research and found that the girl in the video is actually an attention seeker! WOAH!

Well, things are pretty clear!

*Runs away*

Hahahahahah! *acha sorry*

He sure looks quite awkward standing there!

God bless people and their mentality! I mean, this is quite apparent to a normal human naked eye that, Sheikh doesn’t seem to be anything that makes him a pervert!

Also, putting the blame on him for the video which clearly is not wrong in any way, such accusations are completely unethical.

Chalo, bhai! Pack up! Let’s all go and have some siri payee from Sheikh’s favorite thelay wala. What say? Hehe  🙂

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