Here Are 8 Gross Things Couples Do When They Get Comfortable in a Relationship


Here Are 8 Gross Things Couples Do When They Get Comfortable in a Relationship


The starting phase in most of the relationships is often considered as ‘honeymoon phase’ for the couple. They make an extra effort to show the best possible version in front of each other. But as their relationship get old, the illusion of ‘perfection’ fades away. They start getting comfortable with each other and things take a different turn. They start behaving normally after breaking the glass shield of their super-human persona!

Here are a few gross things every couple does when they get comfortable in a relationship!

1. Fart With Pride And Without Any Shame

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It is a natural thing, we all do it, so get used to it! In the early days of the relationship, they usually go outside the room to fart or hide it but once you get comfortable with it, they’ll see their significant other at their grossest!

2. Openly Discuss Periods!

Source: iDiva

Again the menstruation cycle is a natural thing and every girl has this ‘special’ time every month! If you are a girl and you get your periods, your man should go and grab some chocolates for you instead of asking silly questions!

3. Wearing Your Significant Other’s Clothes

Source: The Teal Mango

Usually, ladies do that! They love to wear the scented T-shirts of her man while doing home chores or lying on bed, lazily!

4. Eating Messy Food Together


Gone are the days when a couple was used to eat pizza with fork and knife! Now, they love to eat all the messy foods without being hesitant about your significant other!

5. Popping Out Pimples And Blackheads

Source: BuzzFeed

It is weird but yes, this is another symbol of comfortability in the relationship.

6. Kissing With Morning Breath!!!


Kissing your partner after waking up in the morning becomes a habit as the relationship progresses. And they don’t care about bad breath anyway when it comes to long-term relationships!

7. Sharing Towels, Toothbrushes And Sometimes Chewing Gum Too!

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Because sharing is caring!

8. Poop Talk Is No More A Disgraceful Thing!

Source: Gifer

If you and your significant are okay while discussing poop habits, believe me, your relationship is on the right path!

9. Coughing On Each Other!

Source: Desi Martini

Burps, coughing, sneezing is no more a private thing!

10. Leaving The Door Open While Peeing

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When your partner is the only person in the room, why should you waste the energy in closing the door?

11. Watching All The ‘Fahash’ Films Together!

Source: Mad TV

Maybe your partner wants you to understand SOME things! *sharmaenos*

Do you want to add more to the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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