Here Are 5 Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Prevent Having Conflicts in Marriage


People like to believe that married life is all hot and happening but in reality, it’s cold and shaking! Conflict in marriage is inevitable. Living with someone who has had a different lifestyle and different cultural experience than yours is very difficult. So in the process of making these two worlds merge, it takes a lot of patience and understanding.

Arguments and fights are something that a couple can’t avoid whenever they try to resolve a conflict and it’s totally okay! So, here we have some GREAT tips for you to fight clean for the next time you feel like fighting. 😉 Hehe

 1. Take responsibility!


So, you had a fight with your partner! You said or did something terrible. Take responsibility. DO NOT blame your partner for the reactions because they are always on you! Yes, your partner did something that triggered your anger but blame game will only make things worse and the conflict will never end.

2. Don’t steep too low!


Your partner is someone who has a home like feeling to you and this is the reason why your partner tells you everything. You know their secrets and weak points and everything they lost and gained. Do not break their trust by telling their deepest secret out to other people when you have had a fight with your partner.

3. Be Respectable


Even in the most agitated moments be respectful to your partner. Know that they are going to be one you’d wake up to every morning. You love them but don’t let the respect vanish away.

4. Watch the Approach


Timing matters! ALWAYS. Choose a right time to talk to your partner about delicate topics. Not when they are tired, hungry or sick. The right time will save both of you from a fight.

5. Calm the Situation


One of the partners needs to know when and how to diffuse the situation. Note: Just when you see the fight taking a bad turn just compliment your partner or joke away to calm the things down. 😉

Hope this might help you a bit to keep the romance healthy and fight at a bay! Know any more tricks to keep things good? Comment below to let us know and give us a thumbs up! 😀

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