Here Are 4 Lies Men Tell to Impress A Woman They Want to Be With!


Here Are 4 Lies Men Tell to Impress A Woman They Want to Be With!


To impress someone, we create unrealistic possibilities in our head because we feel it would make them think of us as a big shot. These unrealistic approaches are then passed on the behavior men and women project to impress someone they are attracted to.

We sometimes feel insufficient about ourselves and a certain image about ourselves is projected in our heads, which is why we may lie about ourselves to someone. However, men usually lie for different reasons.

Because men are aware of the needs and want women tend to want from a relationship, sometimes men project themselves as someone else just to win her. Men would try to make themselves look richer, more fun and more similar to the girl just to win her heart.

So Here Some Things Men Usually Lie About to Win a Girl Over

1. Their Past Relationships

Men usually like to brag about their past relationships, telling the girl how amazing they were as boyfriends. They like to bring about it over and over again, like some sort of an achievement. Sometimes, they would even talk about how their ex was the one behind the failed relationship.

2. Occupation

Men would often lie about their occupation to the girl they are meeting for the first time. They feel women are more attracted to guys with a hi-fi job and thus, they would brag about their simple post as something which would make them seem somewhat like a big shot in front of her.

3. Their Financial Status

Again – a point men work on to appear as big shot in front of the girl they are trying to impress. While it may work on some, a lot of women keep the emotional availability of a man more than his financial position and would rather work on growing financially together than separately.

4. Their Devotion Towards Women

Let’s admit this – in the modern age, women wish to be with someone who understands the struggles women have in different walks of life. A man who understands that women go through emotional and physical stress in this society is rare to find, which is why a number of men lie about it to win the heart of a woman.

SO ladies, here’s everything you need to know why and how men usually lie to lure you into falling for them. Better beware and just keep these points in mind!



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