Here Are 6 Stages Of Attending Your Ex’s Wedding


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Horrifying caption? I know right. Most of the people might have looked at the topic and quickly turned the pages in horror thinking ‘this too can happen? May this day never fall upon us.’ I too was among those people until recently, when we received a beautiful wedding card with his name on it.

Yes, some unlucky people actually have to face the reality and attend their crush’s wedding and go through a heart wrecking feeling. From imagining yourself as the bride of this wedding to listening to those ‘qabool hai’ by the groom for somebody else. In short, all of it makes you want to run away. As the wedding season is on, who knows whose marriage you would be attending next? So here I will let you know if by any chance you happen to attend your crush’s wedding what you would be feeling.

There are 6 stages of attending your crush’s/ex’s wedding:

1st – Denial

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This stage starts when you receive the wedding invite with your name at the outside and his name on the inside. Your inner expressions are like “this is impossible. How can this happen? I don’t believe it. This must be a lie” People in the denial stage are totally helpless. Nobody can lend a hand in making them realize the truth. This stage may last for a short period of time lasting for a few days but for some poor hearted people, it may last till actually getting that eye-opener seeing the bride and groom at the wedding.

2nd – Grief

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This is an on and off stage that occurs during the denial stage as well as after the denial is over. In this stage, you either think of ways to miss the wedding or you decide not to dress up and look good because of your loss. As a matter of fact, it lasts throughout the wedding. This endless state feels like devastation.

3rd – Challenge

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Finally, the 3rd stage arrives! This stage arrives when you get over the denial stage. It occurs when you have fully accepted the wedding invite. You accept this wedding in the form of a challenge and decide to dress up so perfectly in order for your crush to notice you. You go shopping. You buy all the makeup and jewelry you will need in order to accomplish your mission. But guys, who are you kidding? He’s the groom. Why would he notice you! He is getting married now. You poor souls.

4th- The Fake Smile Stage

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This stage will be easy for you if you often give fake smiles to people and this world. But during the wedding days, this occurs when the groom looks at you (accidentally probably) to show him that you are such a happy soul and a free-spirited person, just attending this wedding for the food and pictures. Oh, if only he knew.

P.S. This is a difficult stage. Be prepared!

5th – The “Qabool Hai” Stage

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Coming from the difficult stage to the most difficult one! Does this stage need any explanation? Haha, I don’t think so. I don’t even have words to explain the sentiments at this time. It’s a state of total numbness.

6th – The End Stage

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This stage is the ultimate mixed form of grief, loss, and acceptance in which the person feels like everything has ended. You cannot do anything about it. Nobody can bring back your crush to you. But slowly as you leave for your hometown and as time passes by, you accept your feelings and you start considering the bride and groom as one.

So guys, after reading the stages I am sure you all must be scared for a wedding like this but it’s not actually that bad. There are bright sides of attending this wedding too. Like just getting to look at your crush gives you the best feelings in the world.

Happy Wedding Season, Guys!

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