“I love him, I play around with him, but it hurts me every second” – Grieving Father Questions Why his Wife Died after Giving Birth


When a couple gets married, they start a new phase of life that is totally different from what has been before. They learn to share, love, forgive each other. They support and hold when the other falls, they make promises to stand by each other. But what would happen if your partner dies at the most beautiful turn in the married life? No one can feel the pain except the one who is experiencing it.

Recently, this beautiful couple had a baby boy. Ahmed and Ayesha got married traditionally in gold colored dresses. But who knew that giving birth to the new life would later cost Ayesha her life. Ayesha died 3 days after giving birth to the baby boy at Markham Stouffville Hospital in Ontario, Canada. She gave birth to their son on 7th Feb and died on 10th of February.

Ayesha and Ahmed looking enthralling at their wedding


Ahmed couldn’t stop crying when he told in an interview:

“I look at my son and it’s hard because he doesn’t know what he missed. We just started out life, never could’ve expected to do this on my own… I hold him, love him, I play around with him, but it hurts me every second”.

Their beautiful baby boy they named Eessa…


In the interview where Ahmed talked about what happened and when Ayesha was complaining after the delivery on 7th of February, he went to doctor at the Markham Stouffville Hospital to check for her symptoms and there, he recorded an audio of the conversation. The doctors said she has been infected with group A streptococcal infection that is common in women postpartum. A small number of women can progress and lead to death in a very short period.

Ahmed shared audio of the conversation he had and all the past photos with Ayesha in the interview

It is really sad that hospitals give least priority to the patients and would not care if they can get infected such lethal bacteria that may lead to instant death. We hope Ahmed and his family have enough courage to face this reality and a blessed life to the newborn.

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