Here’s the Hidden Secret of Feminine Hygiene Products Most Women don’t know


Out of those trillions of feminine product hitting the market each day, hardly three of them make it to the point of consideration due to their suspicious ingredients. Or, their harmful side effects that never bothers any of us to a point where it starts to harm our body in a reckless manner. Sadly, all the women are at fault for this, due to their carelessness of never making it their priority to look upon any product thoroughly to be sure that your money is spent on the right thing.

Here goes to the troubled women who questioned regarding the toxins involved in the commonly used products and also their detailed information to be aware of the next time. Never make ignorance your goal in order to use any sort of product.



Your skin has science, ponder over that

Your skin is the thinnest and most porous organ. It can absorb anything directly into your bloodstream in case anything comes in contact with your body. As per the golden rule of thumb, never apply something that you wouldn’t like to consume.

Anything good wrapped in a ball of toxins surrounding it can never be processed by your digestive system, as anything that enters your body through skin doesn’t go to the natural defense system.

The dilemma of skin health and feminine hygiene products

A sanitary napkin contains as much plastic to make 4 plastic bags. The chemicals included in the plastic are tokins, pesticides, and petrochemicals. Their perception of being medical advice make it easy for several companies to not reveal anything other than foam and an absorbent material.

The harmful nature of any branded pad could be affecting the most sensitive part of your body slowly and steadily as compared to the organic ones. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, harm to developing embryos, and organ damage links to all the chemicals associated with pads. On the other hand, tampons are made using cotton, rayon, or a blend of the two materials be it organic or synthetic that pass through same standards for absorbency and protection.

Source: Livesmartly

Is your tampon or pad affecting you?There are chances that tampons be made with GMO cotton that is treated with crop pesticides. If it’s fragmented then it contains a chemical soup of contaminants that could cause infertility, neurological defects, hormone dysfunction, and cancer.

The ability of any woman to get rid of toxins vary over the course of years. Bacteria could very easily develop and thrive based on the ideal environment that is provided to them by tampons. Micro-tears are a common issue that is faced by women as the vagina are so thin and delicate.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) can cause either a strep or staph infection resulting from tampon use. The white look of the tampons is caused by using chlorine bleach. The by-product of these toxins is dioxins which are claimed to be safe by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Consider alternative and less exposed products

Here is a list of some product that lessens your exposure to all harmful products.

1-Organic cotton tampons: It’s better to search for 100% organic label on the product. These tampons can absorb the same amount as any other tampons, so it’s a win-win scenario.

2-Organic sanitary pads: It has the same amount of absorbency so you would not be compromising on the quality plus it would be much safer. Although, read the label very carefully.

3-Menstrual cup: There are inserted into the vagina during that time of the month. The added advantage of it is that it can be worn overnight which provides extra protection.

4-Homemade products: The information regarding these sorts of pads is easily available on numerous websites. One can even make their own sanitary pads by sewing patterns. If you’re planning to use these then be prepared because they have to be washed.



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