Here Are the 7 Ways You Can Tell If a Guy Is Here To Mess With Your Heart


Here Are the 7 Ways You Can Tell If a Guy Is Here To Mess With Your Heart


Are you in a relationship with the right person? Is your partner not cheating you? It is the most tricky question you could ask a person who is in a relationship, especially girls who get emotionally attached to any guy easily. According to psychologists, girls believe that they make decisions based on logic but in reality, they always prefer their expectations to come true.

So, understanding the difference between a real and fake relationship for a girl (even for some boys) is not easy, people are master of hiding the truth with a little bit cover-up and decoration! The love gurus have made this difficulty easy by pointing some red flags every girl should look out to understand that if the guy is fake or not.

1. They Get Emotionally Distant In Absence

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Communication is a key to a healthy relationship. But fakers have a tendency to be non-communicate, they make excuses for not calling or sending you a single text.

2. Conflicts Go Unresolved

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Conflicts are not all time wrong as every conflict demands resolution which obviously involves care and love. But if you are the only one who is trying to resolve the problems, it is a sign of emotional detachment.

3. Something Is Missing

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You sense the difference between a fake and a real person very quickly if you really want to! You are often filled with doubts, you are skeptical about the things he up to. In these circumstances, you can’t love whom you don’t trust.

4. There Is No Effort To Meet Halfway

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If you are planning things or surprise parties all the time, keep in mind that lack of effort is a universal sign of disinterest!

5. Asking For “Sexual Favors”

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This is the biggest mistakes girls usually do. Without thinking about the consequences, they send ‘nudes’ easily and then keep blaming the other for spreading it over social media! Never trust a person who is asking for these sort of favors.

6. He Doesn’t Show Interest In Knowing Your Likes/Dislikes

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In a relationship, both people consider the importance of understanding each other. Asking the partner’s disposition is the essential element of a communication, they want to know each other favorites. Last time, when your partner asked you about how the day went? This question is worth considering!

7. You Don’t Know Much About His Family And Friends

Source: Odyssey

If your partner is serious about you, they will want to make you part of your life and introduce you to their family in no time. But if he is not doing so, it could be hinting the fake relationship.

Remember girls, being in a fake relationship in disastrous. Be strong and let love happen to you naturally; the right things come on right times! Relationship and compromises are like two peas in a pod.

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